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Easy guide to recover lost data from Nokia X6 phone

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Is your all saved data are get lost from Nokia X6? Does your SD card of android is get damaged and all saved media files are getting lost? Are you not able to open the video or image files from a smartphone? Are you searching a way to recover lost data from a Nokia X6 phone? If yes then you are in right place here you will get the best and easy solution for this issue and also we are provided the best recovery tool for this android model.

Nokia X6 is one latest model of Nokia phone which was well manufactured by the Nokia company. The technology is used for the provided SIM network are GSM, CDMA, HSPA, LTE only. These network providers are low to the user to choose the network as they want. This android phone was launched in July 2018 and finally released for the users in August 2018. The overall phone dimension is 142.2x71x8 mm only and their light is 151 grams only. Due to this lightweight, the user easily gets easily used them. The IPS LCD screen display is used in this phone which has a size of 5.8 inches where the user is quickly and easily watch the high definition of videos, movies, and images also. The resolution of this phone is 1080×2280 pixels only. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is used in this phone due to this the user has easily protected them from breaking of the screen. Read to¬† recover lost data from HTC Desire 12

The operating system is provided to this android users are Android 8.1 (Oreo), upgradable to Android 9.0 (Pie); Android One where the user is get updated with the latest technology and also get the latest updated applications. Here, allow inserting the SD card which is expandable up to 400GB. The internal space is also provided which has space of 64GB which is much more sufficient to store the media on there. Also, the 4GB is added in this smartphone due to this the user is easily installed the large of an ultra size of games or application and smoothly play them. But the Nokia X6 users are sometimes the issue of data lost due to some common reasons.

Reasons for data loss from Nokia X6 phone:

There are various reasons that are responsible for losing the saved data from the Nokia X6. Some of them are given below:

Nokia X6 Data recovery

  • If the user removes their SD or memory card from the phone without turn off them. Due to this, all saved contacts or media are getting lost.
  • In few cases, the user is browsing the videos or other media files from them and they accidentally press the delete all button then it is also caused to deletion of all stored media file and they do not get by the user.
  • Sometimes the users are getting that their phone is slow responding then they are suddenly done the formatting of the phone. After doing this the all saved data are get lost from the androids phone and they never get back them.
  • In most cases the user connects their smartphone with other infected devices then it causes to the corruption of all saved data from the phone and if the user is open them then they are getting the error message and suddenly the open file gets crash down.
  • If the user is sharing the saved media files to other drives or phones and in the middle of them and they are press or tab on cancel button then it is caused to automatic deletion from the file.

Manual ways to recover lost data from Nokia X6 Phone:

Recover from the deleted option of Gallery

In most of the cases, the user is browsing their images or photos from their phone and then suddenly press the cancel button and due to that the user is getting lost saved media files or images. First of all the user is need to restart their phone such that their phone is fast working. Then after they need to go to the gallery of the phone then search the option deleted files and one gets them then hit on there. Now choose the files or folders that they are want to restore and finally click on the restore button and they are get restore them after few seconds. Now check the files that are deleted is retrieved or not? If they are retrieved then this method gets success.

Restore from Google Drive:

Nokia X6

Google Drive is one of the best things where the user stores the data up to 15GB which is much sufficient for them. But the user needs to has an account there. Follow the below steps to create and upload the files on Google Drive:

Step 1. First of all the user is need to restart their phone such that their phone is working fast and the setting of the phone is also responding fast.

Step 2. Now the user needs to go to the setting of the phone and search the option backup and restore and hit on them.

Step 3. If the user does not have an account there then they need to create an account then after that, they need to log on there.

Step 4. Now choose the button upload and hit on them. Once the user is hit on them then they get redirected to the galley of the page.

Step 5. Now choose the file that you are want to upload on Google and want o safe them for future purposes.

Step 6. The user needs to remember that does not press the cancel button it will delete the upload file from Google Drive.

Step 7. Now finally press on OK button when they are asked you.

Tool to recover lost data from a Nokia X6 phone:

Nokia X6 Data Recovery

Nokia Android Data Recovery Software is one of the best recovery software that helps the user to recover lost data from a Nokia X6 phone. This tool is also supported by another android phone like Vivo, Samsung, Realme, Oppo and many other phones. This also provides the preview of the recovered data such that the user is get verified that this tool is useful to them. This tool is used to recover lost or erased or deleted image or video or movie files from the android phone with their proper date, time, location also. So, download the Nokia Android Data Recovery Software to recover lost data from the Nokia X6 phone. Download this tool now.

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