recover corrupted data from Huawei nova 4

Method to recover corrupted data from Huawei nova 4 phone quickly

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Are your all stored data corrupted from Huawei nova 4 phones? Do your all saved images are lost from the android phone? Have you faced the issue of saved contacts or text messages from the phone? Did you want to recover corrupted data from Huawei nova 4 phones? If yes then you need to read below article and download the best photo recovery tool that is supported by this android phone.

Huawei nova 4 phone: Details

Huawei nova 4 is the best android phone which is well manufactured by Huawei company and this phone is finally released in December 2018 by them. The weight of this smartphone is 172 grams only where is the user an easily carry them at anywhere and this lightweight help to enjoy with their all feature. The LTPS IPS LCD screen display is also included with this smartphone which has 6.4 inches of screen display where the use an view all videos or movie which has 1080×2310 pixels or less resolution of pixels. The user can also get the latest features or facilities on them because it has Android 9.0 Pie operating system and the user can also enjoy with their upcoming feature just by updating their operating system of this phone. Read to¬†retrieve corrupted data from Huawei Mate 20 lite

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Huawei nova 4 phone has 128GB of internal storage where the user an easily store their all important files or data which has a large size of files or media files which has high resolutions. Due to their large internal space, the user is not required external card slot facility. The internal RAM is 8Gbv where the user an installed well-featured or configured applications on them and they can also browse all installed application smoothly and also they will not face the issue of slow working or hanging problem. The rear camera has a triple camera of 48, 16 and 2 megapixels of camera’s that also offers to the the the user to shoot 2160 pixels of images and record 2160 pixels of movies also. The front camera has 25 megapixels of the camera which is also beneficial for the user to take the best quality of selfie images and also record 1080 pixels of videos or movies from them. The inbuilt battery has 3750 mAh capacity which offers the user to browse this phone for a long time and can also play games or watching videos continuously.

Reasons for data corruption of Huawei nova 4 phone:

recover corrupted data from Huawei nova 4

Huawei nova 4 phone has the best features on them but these phone users are sometimes are suffering from the issue of data lost from them. Some main reasons are given below:

  • If the user is sending the files from phone to their personal computer and in the middle of them they will remove their connected cable or click on cancel button thus the user will lose all saved files from that phone.
  • If the user is browsing the saved media files from android phone and they will suddenly remove the memory or SD card from then that will cause to lose all saved contacts or saved media files from them thus the card is showing blank.
  • If the use is by mistakenly connected their smartphone with the virus-infected system then the saved data or, media files are corrupted and that infected file is showing an error message when the user is want to open that file.
  • In some cases, the user accidentally taps on deleted all button when the user is trying to send a message or browsing Whatsapp application then the user will lose all saved media files of Whatsapp application.
  • If the user is suddenly is Switch OFF of their while browsing stored data or sending the files from the phone.

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Recover corrupted data from Huawei nova 4: Manually

recover corrupted data from Huawei nova 4

Huawei nova 4 users are most of the times are getting the issue of data corruption from them then they will searching the best way to recover corrupted data just by using the manual steps. We suggest them to use the Google Drive application which gives 15GB of free data from the phone. The user needs to follow the below steps to recover data from Google Drive are:

Step 1. the user is first of all need to close all running application from their phone the user is easily accessing their all saved files or their settings also.

Step 2. Now the user needs to choose the files that they want to restore in their phone and need to tap on the OK button to start restoring the files on their phone.

Step 3. Then after that, the user does not need to tab on the cancel while the file is started restoring in their phone. One the files are restored or recover in their phone then they need to restart their phone thus their phone is fast responding.

Tool to recover corrupted from Huawei nova 4:

recover corrupted data from Huawei nova 4

Huawei Android Data Recovery Software is the best data recovery tool that is also used to recover corrupted data from Huawei nova 4 phone. This data recovery tool that is also helpful to the user to retrieve lost images, movies, videos, text message, Whatsapp message or their media file, and many more things from the android phone with their proper, date, and location also. The user is also repair damaged files from the smartphone. If the user is want to recover deleted text message or Whatsapp text message from their phone then we suggest them to download this data recovery tool to recover them easily. This data recovery software shows the preview of all recover once this software recovers the lost data or media files from the phone. So, download the Huawei Android Data Recovery Software to recover corrupted data from Huawei nova 4 phones. Download this data recovery tool now and restore all deleted, erased, lost image or video files from all smartphones like Nokia, Samsung, Realme, Oppo, Xiaomi, LG, and many more phone models also.

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