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Hi, I am Jacklyn. My all important data is corrupt from Oppo Android Phone. In previous month I had to buy Oppo phone then I had used them well and also record a lot of images, videos, and also download the movie files. But yesterday when I had tried to open them then it is showing corruption error message on the screen. Please help to get my all data from Oppo Android Phone. Also recommended me the best tool for this phone.

Nowa days the technology is updated day to day. The peoples are demanding the best and awesome technology which makes their life more easily and faster. So the Android operating system helps to them the on of the best way too far in touch with the latest technology. This OS has their own platform where they are given the best way to download the files from their official sites and also get the update their installed software of the Android phone. The Oppo Android Phone is also supported this Android operating system which is allowed the user to get in touch with the latest technology and also several activities are getting from them. This phone also has the same functions and features that all smartphone is actually having. But Oppo Android Phone users are sometimes facing the issue of data loss or corruption from the phone due to the same reasons. Read to recover corrupt data from Nokia Android Phone

Reasons for data corruption from Oppo Android Phone:


  • If the user is open the video files, images file, and other documents and use them with multiple tasks and they are suddenly restarted or turn off their phone then has some changes to loosing of data.
  • In the few cases, the user removes their battery when their smartphone is in ON mode then, in that case, the saved media may have chances to delete.
  • Due to the improper insertion or removing of a memory card and SIM cards from the phone then it causes to deletion of contacts and text message.
  • Due to suddenly stop the transferring of data from the android phone to the other device. Due to this, the all saved data may loose from the phone.

Manually recover lost data from Oppo Android Phone:

The users are informed them is that there is a lot of ways to recover lost data from the android phone via following the manual steps. So follow the below way to recover lost data easily.

Method 1. Retrieve data from Oppo Android Phone:

One of the best the user gets store their all media files or data to their to the Google. So first of all the user needs to make their account on Google and also creates your own emails account. Then after that, the user needs to choose the media file, important data, documents, and many more things. Go to the backup option of Google and proceed to the next step to store data on them. Now once hit on the option of upload data then wait till the overall completion of uploading processing.

Oppo Android Phone

Now, after completion of data then after that, the user needs to check that all select files and folders are uploaded or not. Now if any time the user is facing the issue of data lost from the phone then they are easily restoring them from Google.

Method 2. Get back your data from Recycle Bin:

The android users need to know that if they are loose data from they recover them from their recycle bin easily. If they are faced with the deletion of image, videos, and movies files from the android phone then they easily recover them. The Oppo Android Phone also has the recycle bin option where the user is recover deleted data. Follow the below steps:

Step 1. Open Gallery application from Oppo Android Phone. Then at the upper top corner of the open page, the user gets the three dots then hit on them.

Oppo Android Phone

Step 2. Once hit on them the user gets the new menu list on the screen. Now go to the settings and search Recycle bin on the search box of that open page.

Step 3. Now in the trash option the phone the user gets all recently deleted files and folder. Then choose the media file and press them and they are automatically restoring the files.

Tool to recover deleted data from Oppo Android Phone:

Oppo Android Data Recovery Software is one of the best tools which is especially supported to the Oppo Android Phone. It is helpful to restore the deleted data from Oppo Android Phone. The users also get the trial version where the user gets the best way to check that this tool is working or not. But this user is not the fix the issue that is get5 by the trial version then that time they need to fix them they need to download the software from the site now.

Oppo Android Data Recovery Software

Oppo Android Data Software is helpful to the user to remove the virus from their SD card or Android phone. These android users get the facilities from this tool like retrieve erased or deleted data such as contacts, images, videos, audio, Whatsapp data, notes, Call history, documents, voice recordings, from the Oppo Android Phone. It is not supported to only Oppo Android Phone but also supported to the other android phone brands like Samsung, Sony, Mi, Realme, Vivo, and many more phones and also the all version of Oppo phones are easily supported to this tool. If the files are saved in the SD card of androids phone and they are not showing well then in that case the user gets download this tool now and use this tool and easily watch the saved files. So, Download the Oppo Android Data Recovery Software to recover corrupt data from the Oppo Android Phone. Download this tool now.

This tool is supported by the following Oppo Android Phone models:

OPPO A3s (3GB RAM +32GB)
Oppo A5
Oppo A3s
Oppo R15 Pro
OPPO F7 (4GB RAM + 64GB)
OPPO F5 (4GB RAM + 32GB)
Oppo R17 Pro
Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition

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