How to Apply online for Pradhan Mantri AC Yojana 2019

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To live our lives in the best way with luxurious facilities. Our prime minister Narendra Modi recently launched a yojana named ” Prime Minister AC Yojana” 2019. You can also read about the best laptop in 2019. Nowadays, the atmosphere is very hot and we can’t tolerate that much hot temperature. That’s why our prime minister Narendra Modi finds a solution for this. In this yojana, we get the AC at the cheapest price. To know about more information on this yojana read our full article.

AC Yojana Features and Qualities of AC:

Relief from summer:

Nowadays, the temperature is very hot and you all can’t tolerate this hot temperature. After seeing this hot temperature, our government can give relief to you all by launched this yojana. The reason behind starting this yojana is that everyone lives a luxurious life even who can’t afford it.

Facility to be given:

This AC is provided to that kind of people who are not able to buy AC till now, the government gives them the facility at the cheapest price. If you buy this AC, you will get the AC at 15% to 20% at a lower price in comparison to other companies.

The aim of this Yojana:

The aims of our govt. is that if they provide an AC in that much cheaper price. They want to see AC in over 2 lakh homes in coming next year and the AC is provided with good service.

The qualities of AC are:

The AC is provided during this yojana are excellent in their quality. On the other hand, they will consume less electricity if you comparison with 5 star AC.

Default temperature:

The AC is available in this yojana comes with the default temperature of 24-26 degree. From the help of this yojana, we save 20 billion electricity unit. The Indian govt. take this idea from the country of Japan, where the default temperature is 28 degree.

Save the electricity:

The special type of AC was invented for this yojana. If you use this AC it will consume 35-40% less electricity in comparison to others. It is very clear from the starting of this yojana that if it will consume less electricity you all have to pay less electricity bill.

Exchange offer:

If you were using an AC in your home but it becomes old. And if you want to buy a new AC you can exchange your AC with the new one during this yojana.

Warranty period:

During this yojana, the AC will be provided with the warranty period of 1-5 years. If any defect comes on these 5 yrs., the AC will be changed by the engineer.

Company to build AC under Pradhan Mantri AC yojana:

The AC is provided during this yojana are made by the government company named Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). This company has also provided the cheap LED bulbs during the flagship of Ujala yojana started by the prime minister Narendra Modi. The aim of this company that they provide ac in poor people home at cheap prices with high quality. Because they want those poor people will buy the AC and get relief from the hot temperature.

The price of the AC will not be decided yet but it was so clear that the AC was available in the very cheap prices if you compare the price of AC with other private companies. In this yojana, the AC is available by the govt. companies will be approximately 20-30% less than the other companies. The price of the AC will be decided under the vision that people can easily afford the AC according to their facility.

Pradhan Mantri AC yojana eligibility criteria:

If you want to take advantage of this yojana, you have done some paperwork includes:

Indian Citizen: In pradhan Mantri AC yojana, if you want to book online it is compulsory that the booking was done by the citizen of India.

The owner of the electricity connection: The benefits were taken by only those person who is the owner of the electrical connection or the meter was available in their home. And the most important thing is that one family can book only one AC.

Pradhan Mantri AC yojana required documents:

Indian Citizen and their ID Proof: during this yojana if you want to fill an online booking form. you must submit the ID Proof and the proof that you are an Indian citizen in the form of Aadhar card or voter ID card. So please carry these things at the time of booking an online form for AC.

Electricity bill: at the time of booking this AC or at the time of buying you must carry your recent electricity bill. So this is also an important document during booking.

Pradhan Mantri AC yojana apply:

The released of Pradhan Mantri AC yojana was not decided yet but according to the source it will be launched in July. But it was not confirmed yet. If this yojana was started then you can apply in this given way:

Every eligible candidate who wants to buy an AC can visit the EESL company website It is the same company through which AC will be sold during this yojana. At the time of booking AC from this site, you have to register on the EESL website.

According to the application, the AC will be delivered at your home within 24 hrs. and it will be installed within 72 hrs. by the engineer at your home.

The yojana was not started yet after starting this yojana all the procedure was started. You will be notified by the government.

From this whole article, you will be easy to know about the recently announced Pradhan Mantri AC Yojana started by the PM Narendra Modi.

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