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How can I overcome the fear of failure and achieve success?

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Everybody wants to be successful, but success is not as much easy as a person thinks to be. It requires a lot of sacrifices along with hard work, patience, willpower. Many times it may happen that following all the rules and with a lot of dedication you still didn’t achieve anything. Regularly facing the failure, again and again, demotivate a person and fear started to grow up within that you can do it, or anything in life. You may probably be searching for the answer to this question, that’s why you are here. Then no need to worry, You are at the right place. In this article, you are going to know about the answer to the question, What is a failure and What are the symptoms of fear of failure. What are the causes of fear of failure and how can you overcome the fear of failure and achieve success.

What is failure?

It is just a lack of success, i.e a condition in which you get the opposite consequence than your desire. Failure can be defined differently for a different person’s viewpoint. For some, it is the biggest problem of their life and for some people, it is a great source of learning and experience, which will help to develop life much better and get the success nearer. Failure is the biggest reason that leads you towards depression and you suffer more and more. It is quite obvious that whatever you do, there are 50-50 chances to get success and failure. Failure is natural, we can’t avoid it but we can learn how to overcome it and its fear. To avoid failure, firstly get the detailed idea of the work, which is in. Get the strategy and common mistakes are done in that area. Make a plan to overcome that. Implement the plan strictly. Thus one can make the chances of failure lesser.


What are the symptoms of fear of failure?

How can a person know that he is suffering from a disease known as the fear of failure? Here are some symptoms that will let you know that you are suffering from the same.

  1. Nausea:- It is just a  sensation with a request to vomit. Many times it happens that if you are suffering from the fear of failure then you may feel to vomit.
  2. Rapid breathing:- When you are in the fear your heart started to pump at a speed rate to get the oxygen to reach different parts easily. Thus our lungs also start to get the oxygen from the environment to as faster as it can to fulfill the supply. This happens because fear makes our body and brain to be affected. And you start to Breathe abnormally rapid and often shallow.
  3. Nervousness:- Fear demotivates you make you lose your confidence level. You started to be nervous at the time you are in fear although if you are a confident personality. You can also read about What are the best ways to keep yourself always motivated?
  4. Rapid pulse:- As discussed earlier that at the time of fear the heart rate is increased to let the oxygen to reach in every part of the body. Hence the pulse rate becomes faster.
  5. Panic attacks:- Panic attacks means sudden attacks, anxiety due to fear.
  6. Sweating:- Some people may suffer from sweating at the time they are in fear of something. They cause sweating with no atmospheric reasons.
  7. Headaches:- Headaches is the most occurring symptom of fear. It creates pressure in the mind.
  8. Tension in the muscles:- Due to taking too much tension in the fear, you may unconsciously give pressure to the muscles, called tension in the muscles. It causes due to stress and can lead to back pain.

symptoms of fear of failure

What are the causes of fear of failure?

Fear of failure is also known as atychiphobia. It occurs due to rejection or not getting desired results. There are many causes of fear of failure, it may be due to the parents, and their behavior towards you from the beginning such as abuse or neglect. The way he reacts to you and your situation in your childhood leads to develop the fear within you.

The perfectionism is the main reason for the fear of failure as everyone wants to be perfect which is impossible to achieve no matter how hard you work for it. But people used to get it and every time they failed at it. This makes them lose their confidence. The perfectionism of others is another reason for that, most of the people want others to be performed like them, or be perfect, but it is impossible. Everyone on this earth is unique consisting of merits and demerits in them and you have to accept the fact. It is impossible to be perfect or the same as you.

 causes of fear of failure

Lack of confidence is the second main reason for the fear of failure. A person with high confidence knows that even he can fail in the way to success and how to handle that. On the other hand, a person with low confidence loses his hopes before getting started and this is the reason that they get in the trap of fear of failure easily.

Most of the time it happens with some people that when they fail, they believe that the main reason to get the failure is they themselves. And they regret and blame themselves instead of the tools used to get the success, make a bad image of theirs in own and. This is known as Personalization. Rather they should try to find out the mistake done in the process and the tools used and try to improve them next time to get the better result. You can also read about How to stop wasting time and utilize it more productive?

Lack of confidence

How can you overcome the fear of failure and achieve success?

There are various steps to be followed to overcome the fear of failure:

Firstly question your fear that what is the problem and what is the root cause of the problem. Ask yourself that what you want in your life and how to get that, and what are the things that are stopping you to achieve that? As you get the answer to all these questions, You have to make a Goal for your personal and professional life. You have to understand that What really success is for you. One of the best methods to overcome the fear of failure is goal setting. your goal should be SMART and have a plan to work on it. where,

S= Specific, Your goal should be clearly defined to you.

M=Measurable, Your goal should be measurable in terms of time or money.

A=Achieveble, It should be achievable in the real world.

R=Realistic, It should be real and exist in the real world, not an imaginary situation.

T= Time-bound, It should have a fixed time period within which you have to achieve it.


Doing all these will make you understand the reason why you are in fear. Redefine your failure, find out the mistake you have done last time and learn from it. Analyze your process and develop a new plan to achieve it. Focus on learning, don’t get hesitate from getting a failure. See it as a scope of learning new things. Create a “fear list” that what are the things that are making you. Take things normally, don’t take too much tension of failure. Avoid personalizing, perfectionism and perfectionism of others, it is impossible. It is easy to imagine perfection but in the real worlds, it doesn’t exist. Accept the thing as it is and let yourself be changed to adjust with them. Stay positive always, live with positive people. They will provide you positive energy and you will be able to achieve anything you wish if you follow these simple steps.  You can also read about How can I improve myself to make the best version of me?

fear of failure

Conclusion:-From the above passage you may conclude that Fear of failure is the general problem, everyone is suffering from this these days. And you have learned a lot about the symptoms that can let you know that you are suffering. And also you had learned about the different causes that make you develop the fear of failure and finally you get the ideas to overcome them. Thus you have to just follow the above-given steps and get your problem solved.  Thus you can conclude that you have to develop strong willpower, have patience and re-evaluating your procedure to learn from it, will help you to overcome all your fear of failures and let you achieve the success.

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