25 Hidden Microsoft word 2016 Tips to use MS word faster

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Ms word is a application software which comes with MS office package. It has been developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Word 2016 is generally used for making the documents purpose. In Microsoft Word, have the maximum text formats, can also put the tables including rows and columns. The Microsoft word documents also utilize for office purpose where peoples use for showing their documents by slide the pages.

In day to day life, the people are using ms word 2016 for office purpose and students to build up their projects. So, Microsoft word 2016 providing some tips to make documents fast, attractive, efficiently and intelligently. The Microsoft word 2016 listed 25 best tips or hidden tips to make document fast are mention below:

  • The content has 10 paragraphs and needs to put 10 lines only in top 7 paragraphs then enter rand(7,10) and press enter button then the top 7 paragraphs are arranged with 10 lines.
  • To enter text in the horizontal line, then type three hyphens and press enter button. The horizontal lines are generated and write text in the horizontal line.
  • To select a sentence of a line, then press CTRL and select the sentence by move cursor, after selecting the sentence to leave the CTRL button the sentence is selected.
  • By using Shift+F5, to visit the last location of the cursor when the last saved file in the word file.
  • When work in word document content, to visit the last edited location then press Shift+F5 the cursor start blinking to last times visited the location.
  • To increase the size of text, then select the text and press CTRL+Shift+, and also to decrease the size of text, then press CTRL+Shift+<.
  • To find anything quickly in ms word 2016, then at the top of MS word page, the text is showing “tell me what to do” just click on there and start type and search.
  • To delete any word at a time then press CTRL button and press backspace, then a single word deleted at a time.
  • To add a link in a word quickly then press CTRL+ K then enter the URL in address location, the link is added easily in a word.
  • To search any word or, a term from content in web then select that term or, word, click right button of the mouse and select the smart lookup from the option.
  • By using the format painter button to change the color of text. Select the text of content then click on format painter, it automatically changes the color of that selected text.
  • By clicking three times in any paragraph on content then it selected all text of that particular paragraph.
  • To change the sentence of content in the lower upper or capital case, select the sentence and press Shift+ F3.
  • To write any text in a particular location, then just double click on that particular location and start writing.
  • To copy paste the text from a web page, in that case, the formatting of that text is also copied from that web page, to remove the text format which is a copy from the web then select that text and press CTRL+ Space key.
  • The CTRL+V and CTRL+X shortcut key are not responding by the Microsoft Word 2016 which are generally used for cut and copy the text from the content. To copy and paste any text then select any text from content and press F2 button, then click on any place of the page then it pastes that selected text to that particular place.
  • To insert the serial numbers in a table, select the columns that need to enter numbers, right click by mouse and select the numbered bullet.
  • The Microsoft soft Word 2016 also has a calculator. By using the calculator key, to calculate the mathematical terms. To allow the calculator on the page, click on file option, then choose the option “Quick Access Toolbar” in the dropdown list. Now, click on choose commands from the button, in the dropdown list select the option “Commands Not in the Ribbon” then after that choose the calculate option and then click on add button then click on the ok button of that box. The calculator icon is showing on word page at the top, now write an equation on the page and click on calculator option which is at the top of the page then result is showing at the bottom of that page.
  • In Microsoft Word 2016, change the font size of any text in the page. The small arrow button is available at the top of the page, click on there, the dialog box is showing, click on font button choose the option “Abadi” from font list. Now, choose the font style option from font style list and finally choose the size from size list and click on ok button. The setting of all related to font size is now ready to apply for all texts.
  • To remove the red line and blue line error warning on word page, click on file button at the top of the page, click on proofing button from the option. Now, in the dialog box scroll down to till last then in the list of “Exceptions For” and click on the checkbox of both hide spelling error and hide grammar error in this documents only. Now, click on the ok button of that dialog box.
  • To search the last created document file, click on windows button then the search box write the text “winword.exe/mfile1”. Also to find the last or recently created document file, on desktop click on the run button then type “winword.exe/mfile1” and run this command then it showing the last or recently created document file on the screen.
  • To protect document file, then after saving the file then click on file button of the word then click on the protect button. Now, put the password and ok button to allow that password. The saved password can also change and remove by click on file button choose the protect document then a dialog box is showing, to remove then erase the password and change the password then enter a new password and click on the button.
  • To remove the images from a document, then copy any image and stick it to the clipboard. Now, enter CTRl+ H key, then find and replace dialog box is open, click on replace button, enter ^g in find what box and enter ^c in replace with box. Now, the images removed from the document.
  • After making the document, need to make as that final document, then click on file button, choose the option to protect the document and select the mark as final, now the document is ready for only reading.

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