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Look slimmer: 7 tips that make you to look slimmer and stylist


The latest trends are to look better, feel better. Everybody wants to look better mad healthier. Unfortunately, Obesity is a major problem these days. Due to fatty skin people gets confused to choose a good dress for them. If you are also facing the same problem then, no problem. Here are a few tips that will help you to overcome this challenge and will help you to look slimmer.

Tips no. 1:- Choose the correct size of clothes.

You should know that neither too loose nor too tight clothes make you look good. Loose clothes show you much bigger than you are and tight clothing makes your fat to grab attention.IF you want a slim personality then you have to choose a perfect size for you that are not too loose or too tight.


Tips no. 2:- Always wear the right kind of undergarments.

If you want to look slim, then you have to take care of the size of undergarments too. If you wear tight undergarments then they will draw attention to your back fats. Hence you need to choose the right kind of undergarments along with the clothes. You can also search for Simple Fashion Tips That Make Your personality extraordinary

Tips no. 3:- Opt for pointed-toed shoes

Always opt for the pointed shoes because they help your leg to look thinner and longer, whereas round shoes make your leg to look short and stumpy. Thus it will help you to look slimmer

pointed shoes

Tips no. 4:- Use heels.

If you are afraid o the fats of your leg. If you want to wear a short dress or skinny jeans, then you must use heels because they make you look longer and sexy.

Tips no. 5:- Try to wear long clothes in one color.

Wearing long clothes like, Gown, saree, etc, helps you to hide your extra fat and give a gorgeous look too. In the cold climate, they will also help you to keep warm. When you wear the clothes having contrasting colors then, generally, it grabs the attention of people at the line where both the color meets. Generally, it is the waistline where colors meet. If you don’t want people to give attention to your waist fat then avoid wearing contrasting dresses.

Tips no. 6:- Wear dark color jeans.

If you want that people can’t see your thigh and leg fat then you can choose dark color jeans to wear. Because light color jeans make you look thicker and show your fats. Wear dark color jeans as they will help you to look slim.

dark jeans

Tips no. 7:- You can distract people’s attention by accessories.

Wearing accessories like a necklace, belt, earrings, etc, are a good method to distract people’s attention from your fatty parts. So, always choose your accessories wisely. Long earrings, heavy necklace, and big bracelets are good to carry to grab the attention of the public.

Hence with the above tips, you can overcome the challenge that you face while dressing. Follow the steps and look slimmer. Enjoy the party!

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