What is loneliness and what are the ways to deal with loneliness?

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These days people are too busy in their own life that they don’t have any time for anyone. But at the same time, they are feeling loneliness and are suffering inside. Are you also suffering from the same problem? Do you want to come out of the feelings of loneliness? Are you searching for answers to the question of what are the ways to deal with loneliness? No need to take tension now, you are in the right place. Here you will definitely get the solutions for your questions. In this article, you are going to learn about What is loneliness and what are the ways to deal with loneliness?

What is loneliness?

You can define loneliness as a negative feeling of being alone from the social point of view. This type of feeling arises because of the unfulfillment of expected social needs. As you are a human being, you need a daily connection with the social environment to share your emotions and feeling. It helps you to relieve your tension. It is not any real facts, it is just a state of mind in which a person expected much more in a relationship and he doesn’t get that much from it. Mainly, it is over expectations from others. it is not like that if you are alone then only you will feel lonely. You can also feel loneliness when you are in a group of people, or family, or at work. Physically you are not alone, but mentally you are alone. The types of loneliness vary from person to person as it is a state of mind that is affecting yourself. You can also read more about How to become a mentally strong person: Tips and strategy


Sign and symptoms:-

Signs and symptoms of loneliness differ from person to person, depending on the situation of the person. Some of them are discussed below:

  • A feeling of being alone at every time, although you are with many people around you
  • You are not able to connect yourself with others deeply when you talk with them
  • You don’t have any close friends, whom you can share your feeling.
  • Feeling that nobody likes you, or no one understands you.
  • Feeling of isolation at every moment of your life, although you are in -party.
  • Having negative feelings about yourself, you used to doubt yourself and your capability.
  • You observe that whenever you try to connect with the people and they don’t pay attention to you.
  • If you are feeling loneliness for a long run then it may lead to major problem like, Insomnia or more sleep.loneliness

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What is the difference between loneliness and solitude?

Solitude means the person who lives alone and is enjoying its companion. Loneliness is different from being ‘alone’. Loneliness is a state of mind, in which you are surrounded by many people and still you feel that you are not getting connected with yourself. On the other hand, solitude is the You are alone at the physical level but you are enjoying being yourself. You feel comfortable with the solitude but never wants to be lonely.

Loneliness is a negative word that gives negative sense to a person, while solitude is a positive word. Loneliness is a feeling that you don’t like, whereas solitude is a choice that you like to live in. You can also say that in loneliness you are depended on the external factors, on the other hand in solitude you are depended on internal factors. Loneliness takes all your positive energy away and solitude provides you positive energy. You can also read more about How to overcome distractions and focus on the work?


What are the ways to deal with loneliness?

Loneliness is a harmful element. It is just like a disease that affects you from inside and later on it turns into a big disease. So, you need to get the ways to deal with it. Below are some of the ways that will help you to deal with loneliness:-


Understand your feeling:-

To overcome the problem of loneliness you need to understand your feeling that, what do you want in your life. Identify the reason why you are feeling lonely. Understanding your feeling is very important for you. You can ask these question to yourself to get the exact reason why do you feel loneliness.

  • What are the factors that make you feel lonely?
  • Is your thinking process is making you feel lonely?
  • Do any particular people make you feel more lonely?
  • Are you expecting higher from others?
  • From how many days or moth you are feeling like this?

Once you get the solution why you feel loneliness and what do you want in life, it becomes easy to get the plan and focus on the work and achieve the target.

Keep tracking your thoughts and feelings:-

You should keep track of your feelings from time to time. Get a paper and pen and write all about your feeling and problems in that. Now, be as a third person and try to solve every problem. It will also help you to get relief from stress. Get out some time every day for yourself and write al your feelings and solve them. Answer all the above questions and get the reason for your loneliness. And try to improve them. there are many benefits of keeping a feelings journal. You can identify your patterns of feelings and emotions and can give them the right direction. It helps you to discover what you need to change. When you track your changes, you get a better way to improve yourselves.

Keep tracking your thoughts and feelings

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Regular meditation:-

There are many benefits to doing meditation regularly. It helps you to keep your brain calm and concentrated. It helps to have control over your feeling at emotions and helps you to be stress-free. It helps you to improve your sleep schedule and quality of sleep. It strengthens immunity and develops the focus. It makes you aware of the surroundings and as you become ware you start to focus on the thing that is more important to you and you neglect te useless things. Meditation helps you to think positive and meaningful thing. It provides you energy and boosts your creativity.


Realize that you aren’t alone:-

To overcome loneliness you have to realize that you are not alone there are many people in your surroundings. You have to realize that it is only your mental thinking, then all your actions toward overcoming it will works. Go and meet your friends and family and interact with them share them all your problems to get some relief. And this will help you to feel that you are not alone there are, many people to support you and listen to you. Speak some positive sentences about yourself. Think about your best moment. You can also read more about How to read faster and understand the context easily?

Realize that you aren't alone

Move forward:-

There are many ups and downs in the journey of life. You have to accept the fact that loneliness is temporary and it ill soon vanishes from your life. Always try to learn from the past instead of getting stuck to it. Don’t speak many times the same word that you are feeling loneliness, instead move forward and get out the things that will overcome your loneliness. go out and have fun, meet with people to enjoy your life. Try new things and enjoy your hobbies. Take the experiences from all your mistakes rather than repenting them.

Move forward

 Make a list of the people whom you can connect with:-

Make a list of people with whom you are going to meet and share your feeling. take the initiative to talk to them, try to connect with them. Give yourself a target to connect with people and work to achieve the targets. Spend your time with families and friends. Take the support of your close ones to help you in overcoming your loneliness. You can also read more about How to reduce stress: Stress management Techniques and Strategies

Do social activities by yourself:-

You should do some social activities to keep yourself connected with society, this will help you to overcome loneliness. Doing social activities give you satisfaction and pleasure. Get yourself connected to society and make others happy. It will give positive energy and make your life more beautiful and enjoying. You can also read more about How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies

social activities

Learn a new skill:-

Try daily to learn a new skill, this will keep you engage and to overcome loneliness. you should work on improving yourself, by reading newspapers and books. Learning new skills daily will help you to improve yourself day by day and let you know more about this world. It will also help you to live life to the fullest. You can also read more about How can I overcome the fear of failure and achieve success?


From the above article, you get the idea of What is loneliness and what are the ways to deal with loneliness? You had learned a lot on the same topic. If you are suffering from it, take these above mention measures to get rid of them. Or, if your family or friends are suffering, support them and share the article to help them. Try to convert your loneliness into solitude to live life to the fullest. It is only a state of mind and you can only change this type of ongoing thinking inside you and make the change.

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