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Extrajudicial killing sought justice by celebs for a three-year-old, who was murder for non-payment of a loan of Rs 10,000


What is Extrajudicial?

It is an adjective, which means, not legally authorized or not being a valid part of regular legal proceedings.

What is Extrajudicial killing?

Extrajudicial killing is the death of a person without the approval of any judicial proceedings or legal process by government officials or individuals.What is Extrajudicial

Children are young generations of our society, they are the future of the nation. If today they are not safe then what we expect of our future? Is our future safe? Is our girls are safe in the nation? The constantly increasing ratio of rape has designed a horror future for justice will be given to a 3-year-old girl who faced Extrajudicial killing?

How Extrajudicial killing affect us?

The unpleasant news of gangrape and murder, like a three-year-old girl, who was found with bricks on her body in a swimming pool, with 10 cm wooden rod in her private parts. The minor’s nude body was found in Sector 66, Gurugram with a polythene bag over her face. This type of news still disturb us and shake our spine. Thus wrong happening in our nation develops a bad impact to the public. However, these types of heartless criminals have no humanity in them, they still continue to commit, odious crimes against the girl as well as children, whose intensity boils down to our blood. There should be a severe threatening punishment for them, which stops them even of thinking these types of crimes.

The recent incident of a three-year-old girl?

A girl was playing outside the home, and suddenly she disappeared. Her family started to find her but after they got failed, they reported the complaint in the police station.

It has been said in the report that, in an accident in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh. On May 31, a three-year-old girl was allegedly strangled and her eyes were torn apart because of the loan of Rs. 10,000. Her father has taken a loan for his father’s treatment, which he failed to pay. This leads to a punishment to her girl child, which gave her a painful death.twinkle sharma

According to her father, his neighbor from whom he had taken loan had threatened him with scary consequences and warned him that if he doesn’t repay the loan fastly, it will be a danger for him. The girl was missing on May 31, After 3 days, her body was discovered by a garbage collector, who alerted the locals on Sunday from the dumping ground near her house. The condition of the girl was so much pain. She was attacked with acid, there were burning patches on her skin.

Police have arrested two accused, who are also neighbors of the girl, named Zahid and Aslam. The case was registered against Zahid on 31 May under section 363 (abduction). The body of the girl was found on Sunday (January 30), Section 302 (murder) was added to it. As the news of the incident spread, local residents, the family, and relatives blocked the roads to protest. The accused Mohammed Zahid is in custody and deserves the strictest punishment. senior police superintendent Aligarh said, “The accused are in jail Akash Kulahari,” told IANS.Extrajudicial

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Responses by celebs?

After this inhuman act came into the headlines, the whole country has come forward to express its outrage over social media and provides support and condolences to the grieving family of the child. They Condemn the brutal incident and express their anger towards society, where children are not even safe.

The celebrities Karina, Abhishek, Sonam, as well as sunny Leon and many others had shown their grief and asked for justice to the girl.sunny leonresponse by celebs

What reveals the postmortem report?

In the postmortem report, it was mentioned that, her:

  • Skin was peeled
  • arms were amputated
  • Nails & hairs were plucked
  • Eyes were gouged
  • Fractures all over the body
  • Holes of Nose were damaged

She was just 3 years old. Even death will not enough to do justice with the little

“Hang the Killers”. In a city of India, such a horrifying incident was revealed, which made us unhappy. It is being talked about killing a two-and-a-half-year-old twinkle Sharma. About Aligarh Murder Case, Now three trends are running on, thousands have been tweeted since yesterday, so thousands of people are engaged in this matter and are engaged in giving their opinions on Twitter. What happened with Twinkle Sharma was the mood of the world. A two-and-a-half-year-old girl was called in to lure to give biscuit. she was murdered, and her eyes were removed, the acid in her body and fill in the sack for three days, kept in the house, then was put into the waste bin. If this heart is getting heavy in writing a few words, then what can be happening to the family of Twinkle? Killers Mohammed Zahid and Mohammad Aslam are being told!Sania Mirza

Although certain reports and tweets state that the child was raped, according to initial investigations and in the post-mortem reports there were no signs of rape have been found on the child’s body so far but the body was badly disintegrated hence,  the report was inconclusive. This was a matter of personal animosity, but it is unfair to the child, there was no mistake of her.

This was really an extrajudicial killing for that little girl. Terrible, barbarous rape, killing an innocent 3-year-old in Aligarh, criminals, must be Hang, they need strict punishments for acid attacks and rape, these are the protest done by people against the barbarian. Rape is a heinous crime, every victim should get justice! Crime against girls should end as fast as can else give them a severe punishment.

The girl needs justice, our court should give her a fair judgment, so that her soul can be peaceful. This all about tinkle’s accident. Now I want to summarize by saying few lines: “They said women are safe in our country now, but a pocket gun and pepper spray in her purse tell a different story”Parth Bisnoi. Please take care of the girl, she is an important part of society.


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