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Job in the USA: How can I get a job in the USA after studying in India?

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Many people have a wish to earn in the dollar. But the main problem is how to get a job in the USA if you have completed all the courses from India. Are you searching for jobs in the USA? Are you afraid of unemployed, Need a job? Have you completed your MBA, need a job in the USA? Aren’t you getting anyway? No need to worry, here is the way. In this article, you are going to learn about how to get a job in the USA after studying in India?

Why job in the USA?

The main importance of having a job in the USA is that you can earn in the dollar. When you have money then you can fulfill your basic needs. Having a career in the USA makes you feel respectable and happy. The working environment of the USA is quite different from India’s. They are success conscious people and provide you with sufficient money. Having jobs in the USA, you will have sufficient money to send to your parents in India. As India deals in rupees, your money will have greater value in India. Hence, you should earn in the dollar. But the main question is how to get a job in the USA? You can have a look below to get the answer. After you got the benefits of Jobs in the USA, you may be thinking of different ways to get them. You can also read about Job vs entrepreneurship: Best comparison between them?

Why job in the USA

How to get a job in the USA for Indian?

It is harder for an Indian to get a job in the USA. You need to be too talented and have fluent English speaking skills.  You need to qualify with a higher degree as well as fulfill all the criteria for getting a job there. Then only you can think of getting a job in the USA. Although, there are different ways to get a job in the USA.

  1. The first requirement for working in the USA is to fulfill all the required eligibility criteria. You need to take a work permit for working in the USA. You will need an H-1B visa. Unfortunately, in the rule of Donald Trump, it has become difficult to get this visa easily.
  2. The easiest method to get a job in the USA is to start working in a multinational company in India and make sure to confirm that they can give you transfer to the US. After getting some experience from the company. You can ask them to transfer you to another branch in the US.
  3. The second option that you can try to get a job in us is to get a Master’s degree from the USA. After that, you will be able to work there. There are many hotel jobs also available in the USA.

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get a job in the USA for Indian

Work from home jobs in the USA for Indian students?

It is the major asking question that how to get a job in the USA with an Indian degree. There is another option for you to earn in the dollar. Many companies are hiring some workers to work for them from home. If you have a laptop and internet connection, then you can also earn a dollar by working from home. The name of some company are listed below that provides work from home, you can search more about them and apply for the job:-

  • Anywhere Expert: – It is an opportunity provided by the company to the global people. You need a smartphone to help people with technical issues. If you love helping people and solving their problems you can for it. But it may require a little experience.
  • Leap force: – It is an amazing job opportunity for search agents. You need to evaluate the search engine. They will pay you once in a month and the average salary is about $13.50 to $18 per hour.
  • Focus Forward:- This is an international company that provides you international transcription to work online. Transcription is a job in which you have to convert the audio files into text. For this work, you will be paid. In this, you have to go through the four steps of their application process. Firstly download the instruction and then install the software. Then you have to take a test. Then you can start the work according to the instruction.
  • Go Transcript: – It is also an international company that provides work opportunities internationally. In this, you will be provided with the different jobs of transcription and you have to convert the audio file into text form.
    There are many more companies which you can work from home. You can search for them.

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Work from home jobs in the USA

How can I get a job in the USA after MBA in India?

Although getting a job in the USA is difficult. But, there are some opportunities for you to get a job in the USA after MBA. The first question is that, is the MBA degree valid in the USA? Yes, the degree from AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) is valid throughout the world. Indian Ministry of External Affairs certification and stamps make it valid for over the entire world. Another question is, are you ready to work in the USA? Working in the USA requires an amazing personality with interpersonal and communication skills. Follow the following steps to get a job in the USA after MBA:-

  1. Research market trends: – First of all you need to know about the trend going on at the time and where you can get more benefits. When you are aware o the marketing trends, it becomes easy to decide in which field you have to work.
  2. Overcome Cultural Challenges and language problem:- Learn to speak English fluently, about the culture and working environment of the U.S, before going there.
  3. Get an H-1B Visa:- This Visa is required to get a job in the U.S. So, make sure you get this visa. Unfortunately, these days in the government of Donald Trump, it is not easy to get an H-1B Visa.
  4. Apply in a different company according to your field:- There are various applications through which you can apply for a job in foreign.
  5. Get an interview call:- When you are applying for the interview, then you will certainly get an interview call that you need to take. They may take your interview on video calls or phone calls. So, be prepared for that before.
  6. Take your interview, You can also read about Interview preparation: Tips to prepare yourself for your first interview.
  7. After getting a selection, prepare to go abroad.

get a job in the USA after MBA in India

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From the above article, you can conclude that it is not easy to get a job in the USA, but it is not impossible too. There are options from work- from home to full-time jobs and different methods too. But you need to qualify for that. you can develop your talent accordingly. Get the best quality of education and be fluent in English. Eglish is a must for getting a job in the USA. Thus, by following the above criteria you can get a job in your desired company in your field in the USA. After getting a job you can think of to settle in the USA too. You can also search for how to get a job in Canada after MBA, a job in the USA for Indian after 10th, a job in the USA for Indian after 12th, job opportunities in the USA after MBA, jobs after ms in India, jobs in abroad for MBA freshers.

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