Job vs entrepreneurship: Best comparison between them?

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At the time of deciding about the career that, in which field you should go to, it often comes to the minds tat which is better job vs entrepreneurship? Are you confuse about choosing the option, that what you should choose? It is the most important question that everyone faces in their lives. Are you afraid to decide which one? No need to worry now, you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn about job vs entrepreneurship: Which is better and for whom you can go for? It is not easy to say which is better hence you will look at the merits and demerits of both of them and then you can decide for yourself.

What is Job?

Job is a paid work in which you work for others and get some remuneration(salary) in return. It is an activity that is performed on a regular basis for getting payment. Not only for the payment, but there are also unpaid jobs like a homemaker, mentor, intern, volunteer, student. They all work for free without getting a penny for their work. Paid  Jobs may be of different types as full time or part-time. They can also be categorized as temporary,  seasonal jobs, odd jobs, or contract employment. You can also read more about  Anger management: tips and strategies to control anger


What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a process of establishing your own enterprises with a new creative idea of your own. And the person who establishes a new business is known as an entrepreneur. The works of an entrepreneur include developing innovative ideas, establishing anew business, hiring employees, providing leadership and get the work dome. They are responsible for the failure or success of their enterprise and to handle risk and tough times of the business. You can also read more about  What is loneliness and what are the ways to deal with loneliness?


Comparison between job vs entrepreneurship?

It is one of the famous topics of job vs entrepreneurship debate and Group discussion. Mostly use debate topics on entrepreneurship. If you are afraid of choosing the best one out of the two you can get some idea from below topic advantages of being an employee vs entrepreneur:-


Job:- In a job, you have a fixed time to work decided by your boss. You have to work daily at a fixed time. Sometime may you have to work overtime. But after your time is over you remain free for your life.

Entrepreneurship:- In an Entrepreneurship, you fix your time of working. You decide your working time and when not to work. You don’t have to take permission from anyone to take a break or holiday. Sometimes you have to work even for 24 hours to get your work done. You can also read more about How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies



Job:- You have a fixed income which is decided by your boss. You are not able to earn more than that fixed income even if you work hard.

Entrepreneurship:- Your income is not fixed and you can earn as per your work. You can get more income if you work hard. You are not sure about your income how much you will get at the end of the month.


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Job:- If you do the job in a wonderful manner then you can get the promotion too. You just need to please your boss. In a job, you have slow growth, that after a few years of working you get the promotion.

Entrepreneurship:- In entrepreneurship your promotion is depended on the quality of products and services, number of satisfied customers. But it is hard to maintain the position, there exists the risk of failure. Here if you work well you can get growth faster. You can increase the rate of growth by adding more employees.

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Job Satisfaction:-

Job:- You have a few job satisfaction, even you work harder you get that much salary. The salary does not remain equal to your job. The boss becomes richer from the hard work of yours and you remain at the same place.

Entrepreneurship:- You remain satisfied with your work as it is your own work. You become richer and successful as hard you work for.

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Job Satisfaction:-


Job:- You have a boss pressure and you need to complete your daily target and report your work to a boss every day. You are not free to work. You have to work under any condition, even you like or not.

Entrepreneurship:- You are the boss of your enterprise. You have no need to report your daily work to anyone. you are free to work whenever you want to. you can take off whenever you want to. If you see the real situation then you will find that you don’t have only one boss. But you have several customers before you as a boss whom you need to provide quality products and services.


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Job:- In this type of employment you have no risk, you have to work as suggested and will get the salary at the end of the month. There is the only risk of retrenchment. It is the choice of the boss to continue with you or not. If you are unable to fulfill the desire of the boss then he can say you to leave the job.

Entrepreneurship:- In this type of employment you have a lot of risk and pressure of the business. You will be responsible for any failure in the business. Many times it may happen that you ate not earning anything but still, you have to give a salary to all your employees. There are many entrepreneurs who have to finally back to the job even due to the risk and failure of the business. Even you are unable to fulfill your desire for growth you can continue and keep trying. It all depends on you when to leave work.


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Additional benefits:-

Job:- There are many additional benefits are now provided to the employee like medical facilities, pf, insurance, etc. There are also work from home facilities for the employ these days, in which, you can work according to your own time. In working as n employee you can learn a lot of qualities, from teamwork to different skills like leadership and mutual relationship.

Entrepreneurship:- These additional benefits are not provided to the entrepreneurs. they have to arrange all these benefits from their own income.



Job:- There is no need for any investment in doing a job. A genuine doesn’t demand a penny from you.

Entrepreneurship:- It requires a lot of investment in developing infrastructure and machinery, hiring employees, etc.


Thus you get the idea about entrepreneur to the employee. This is also term as the difference between labor and entrepreneur. You have also learned about the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur,


From the above article, you can conclude that there are many benefits to the job as well as entrepreneurship. Even there are many disadvantages to both of them. But the main thing to decide your carer is now what kind of person you are and how much pressure can you handle on yourself. Then only you will be able to decide which one. There are various types of employment in the world, having their own pros and cons, but you have to decide out of them for whom you can go for. you can also search for a job vs business ppt, habits of successful entrepreneurs, job vs entrepreneurship pdf, job vs entrepreneurship ppt.

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