Interview preparation: Tips to prepare yourself for your first interview

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Everyone has to face an Interview once in life after completing their education. Hence it is very important to learn at the early stage that how you can be prepared for the interview that the interviewer has no option to reject you. If you will perform well you will be satisfied, even you got rejected. Fruits are not in your hand but hard work is. Is your interview coming soon? Are you worried about the preparation? Are you searing for some tips? No need to worry now, here you will get the answer to your question. In this article, you are going to learn about what is Interview and Interview preparation: Tips to prepare yourself for your first interview.

What is an Interview?

An interview is just like a conversation about getting a job, where different types of questions are asked by the interviewer and you have to answer.  it is one to one conversation in which two people are involved, an interviewee and interviewer. The interviewee has to answer all the questions that are asked by the interviewer. not only questions are asked but there may be the transfer of information in both the direction. So, it is termed as communication as the flow of information takes place between both the person. You can also read more about Anger management: tips and strategies to control anger


Interview preparation: Tips to prepare yourself for your first interview

An interview day is an important day for anyone’s life. So, it is very important to do the best preparation for that day and perform well enough to get selected. You can divide the steps for interview preparation in three parts:-

Interview preparation tips before the interview

There are many things that you need to follow before the interview date. Here are some tips mentioned below that will help you with the same:-

How to prepare yourself before the interview

1. Research the company:-

Before going to the interview you should always get some idea of the company and its work process. This will help you to know about the company as well as creates a good impression of you in front of the interviewer. It also shows that you are interested in the company so you try to get some idea about it. Sometimes the interviewers check you that you are interested in work in the company or no, by asking the questions like

  • Do you know about the company you are going to work in?
  • Are you know what will your working profile here?
  • How will you manage to work here?

Go through the website of the company, their blogs, social media, and pages to get the idea about the products and services the company is providing to their customers. Get an idea about the background, mission, and vision of the company. Read their plan of business, About us page, et.c. You can also read more about How to become a mentally strong person: Tips and strategy

Research the company

2. Research the interviewer if possible:-

You can also research the interviewer, that what kind of person he is. You can connect yourself with his interest and please him. You can go to his  LinkedIn or Naukri profile and other social media to get an idea about him. Check out if he is an HR professional or Technical manager. As you get the idea about the interviewer it becomes easier to prepare your interview accordingly. They will surely get impressed with your performance. You can also read more about  What is loneliness and what are the ways to deal with loneliness?

Research the interviewer

3. Get the idea about the job description:-

You must know about the work that you had applied for. when you know the details of your job, t becomes easy to deal with the asked question. And interviewers understand that you are interested in the job that’s why you know about the work well. You can also read more about How to overcome distractions and focus on the work?

4. Prepare to answer about two questions:-

Some basic questions are generally asked in an interview. So, you should be always prepared for them before. You should always get your self-introduction ready along with your strength. Never mention your weakness in them, but prepare for it. Only disclose your weakness when asked and in a positive way. Also, prepare the answer to the question why do you want to join this company? And How you are fit for the organization? You can also read more about How to build self-esteem and self-confidence: tips and strategies


5. Prepare to ask two questions:-

Asking questions shows your curiosity toward the work and make the interviewer impressed with you. You should always ask blow mention question in an interview.

  • Can I get some more details about the job and the company?
  • May you please describe the job description that I am going to perform?

6. Get your document organized:-

Before going to an interview, you should always organize your document to get rid of last minute’s tension. keep all the required documents in your file along with your interview letter and address proof. Check your interview dress and keep them clean and press them. You can also read more about How to be intelligent and smart enough to impress others?


7. Practice with your friends:-

After doing all the above mention steps, you have to now practice it more and more. As you know that practice will only make you perfect. Check your social profile that is it giving a positive personality about you? Many times interviewer checks your social profile to g4et the ides about you. get enough sleep a day before the interview, so that you look fresh and energetic.

Interview preparation tips during the interview?

Dress professionally:-

Wear formal attire, if you are getting confused about the color then choose black. work on your color combination. Make sure that your clothes are clean and there should be no wrinkles on them. Use perfume, black shoes, a black belt, and neat socks. Be formal while going to an interview.


Introduce yourself:-

Always go for an interview before 10-15 minutes. Never be late, it gives a wrong impression of you. As you meet the interviewer, never forget to greet them and introduce yourself. And sit when you are asked to. Be articulate while answering the question. You can also read more about How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies

Body language:-

Work on your body language as it tells all about you and what kind of person you are. Work on your walking. Be straight and confident. Sit quietly and with a good body posture until your turn for the interview comes. As the interview ends, you have to shake your hands with the interviewer.learn to give a firm handshake. Use hand gestures while talking. Keep eye contact with the interviewer but don’t drill at him.

body language

Interview preparation tips after the interview?

Analyze your interview:-

After you have ender up of the interview. you should always analyze the interview that how you had performed and what needs to improve. Learning g from your experience makes you more conscious and perfect.

Follow up:-

If you are not getting any update about your interview, then you should always ask them about any updates. You can email the interviewer or call to get the results. first of all, thank the interviewer and make him remind the meeting. If he gets some interest in your work you can attach some of your past projects and mention your qualities motivation, e.t.c.

follow up

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From the above article, you can conclude that the interview is very important for anyone’s life. You should always be prepared for it, before the interview to the day after the interview. In this article, you get the idea about interview preparation and different types of tips to prepare yourself for your first interview. It will be going to work only when you are going to follow all the above mention steps. If you will completely follow the steps then you are going to crack the interview.

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