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How to be intelligent and smart enough to impress others?

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I got an email yesterday from my followers that they want to learn about how to be intelligent and smart enough to impress others. So, I have decided to share some tips with you. Once I have done a lot of research on the same topic and implemented on myself. And got a very effective result and drastic changes inside myself. Maybe you are also searching for the answer to the same topic, so you are here. No need to worry now, after reading this article you will be satisfied and get the answer to your question and can make changes within you to make your life successful. So, In this artice, You will learn about what is the difference between an intelligent person and a common man and different tips and tricks on how to be intelligent and smart enough to impress others?

What is the difference between an intelligent person and a common man?

Everybody wants to be intelligent and smart. To know how to be intelligent and smart, you should first know what is the difference between an intelligent person and a common man? There are many differences between a common man and an intelligent person, of which few are discussed below:-

  1. A common man is a problem-oriented ( always see the problem in every situation). Whereas an intelligent person is solution-oriented(always focus o solution, tries to get the solution instead of complaining).
  2. There is no goal in the life of a common man, they are even not clear about the purpose of their life. But an intelligent person has a well-planned goal classified into different steps to achieve them, and they strictly work for them.
  3.  A common man takes decisions according to the other’s brain as they don’t have self-confidence. While an intelligent man takes decision with his own brain.
  4. The main difference between a common man and an intelligent person is that a common man always thinks and cares about the society, that what they will think. But an intelligent person never cares about it at all, they go for their passion and happiness.
  5. A common person always waits for the right time to start their work, but he doesn’t know that there is no such thing called a right time. Whereas An intelligent person creates the right time for the work by starting them, thus makes them the right opportunities.
  6.  A common man wastes his time and lives in the stress. But an intelligent person does time management and complete work on time and remain stress-free. You can also read about How to reduce stress: Stress management Techniques and Strategies


How to be intelligent and smart?

Intelligent people always get respect in society and so, everyone craves to be an intelligent person. Being an intelligent person, lives becomes easier, you can get the solution for every problem faster and make it happen. Being a smart person is not an inborn ability, You can acquire it also. Only you have to follow the below-mentioned steps and made it happen:-

1. Do the things that intelligent people do:-

Firstly, you have to understand that a person is intelligent or not is because of his own daily activities and hard work. If you want to be like a smart person, then you have to do all the things as they use to do. from waking up early, getting the work done on time to sleep. Intelligent people follow their passion and become successful because they love to do their work. Find out your area of interest and start to follow it, so that you can also enjoy your work and get success in your life.

You have to be focussed and hard-working as a successful person is. Practice sacrificing more and more of your loved thing for your betterment. For example, If you love to watch T.V, then you should think that is it going to give you something in your life? Obviously, the answer is no then, why to waste time there. Although you like it most you have to sacrifice it and work other productive things for your betterment. You should not spend your whole day in the same task, give a proper time limit to the task and perform various kinds of tasks in a day with appropriate breaks in between, to avoid the boredom factor. You can also read about How can I overcome the fear of failure and achieve success?


2. Learn to manage your time:-

God has given a fixed 24 hours to everyone, either he is poor or rich. But what is the difference between them that one doesn’t live their life to the fullest and one can?  The main reason behind the fact is that how you utilize your time. If you are wasting your most of the time in unproductive works where you are not going to get anything, then you are not going to live life to the fullest. If you really want to utilize life and enjoy it, you should have to learn time management, so that you can manage your time and utilize it in an organized manner.

Time management saves your time and allows you to spend your time in productive work and keeps you stress-free. Be committed to your schedule and keep yourselves away from the distraction. Keep, your notification turns off while you are working. If there is no need for the internet you can disconnect it.  You can also read about How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies


3. Start reading books:-

The common thing among all the successful people is that they read more and more books on a regular basis. They are constant learner, they try to learn always from every situation. you should also dedicate yourself to be the life long learner as an intelligent person used to. Read more and more books as you can, grab more and more knowledge from your surroundings. These things will make you much more intelligent and smart. It helps you to develop yourself and your mind on a daily basis.

When you read the things and understand it, it becomes the part of your intelligence and you start to act subconsciously in the intelligent way as mentioned.  It also helps you to increase your concentration, as you need to pay full attention while reading. So, you should start reading books from today onwards. You can also read about How to read faster and understand the context easily?

read books

4. Learn new words daily:-

learning new words daily helps you to improve your vocabulary. When you will be using these new and hard words, you will be seen as a very intelligent person among the public. Thus it presents you as an intelligent and smarter person.

5. Revise learned topics:-

It is natural that everyone forgets as time passes by. Our brain is not as strong that it will remember each and every line and concept of the topic. so, you need to revise them. When you don’t revise the older topics, it is just like a bucket with a hole where you fill the water and let the water goes out at the same speed. Thus, it is no profit – no gain situation. So, always revise the older topics that you had learned to have some benefits of your hard work. Make notes of the important points at the first reading and, next time revises only the important point to save your time. Your memory gets the things for lifetimes when it repeats, hence repeat more times to lear5n it for the lifetime.


6. Learn more language:-

You all know that getting learned more languages are hard and achieving fluency in it is harder. Hence the person, who knows more languages is termed as an intelligent person in society. If you also want to prove yourself and impress others, then you must learn more and more languages and achieve fluency in that. There are many other benefits of learning another language like it helps you to connect with more people and understand their culture. You can know more about the world advanced your career. and  More languages helps you to boost up your confidence level and improve your decision making power. You can also read about How can I start to speak fluent English like a native speaker?


7. Play brain development games:-

There are various games that help you to increase your intelligence level.  For example- chess, Sudoku, Crosswords, puzzle, e.t.c. In this type of game, you have to force the brain to think and find out the solutions. Forcing your brain helps you to increase the functioning of the brain and make it active. Don’t waste your time playing unproductive games, which makes your mind to relax and gives you short term pleasure. These types of games help you to increase your brain and entertain you too. You can also read about How to stop wasting time and utilize it more productive?

brain games

8. Take care of your body:-

You must know that to be an intelligent and smarter person you have to follow all the above-mentioned steps. To do all these your body and mind should be healthy enough to tackle all these. So, you need to exercise regularly and eat healthily.  You can meditate to keep your brain healthy and focused. Get some time for yourselves to take care of you, do introspection. Observe the way you think, and give them a proper direction. Don’t react to any situation unconsciously, rather try to be proactive. Be open-minded, think positive and intelligently.  don’t let your curiosity down if the needed experiment on it. Learn from your failure. You can also read about How does physical activity keeps you always feet and healthy.

care your body

9. Present yourself in well-mannered:-

Internal talents are hidden in the first meet. People observe your outer personality in the first meeting and then judge your intelligence. The chances of the second meeting increase if you present yourself well in the first meet. So, always take care of your outer personality too. Learn the personality development techniques and work on your dressing sense, body language, and hygiene. Always be prepared before the meeting, practice your script to give a nice performance. Mention the do’s and don’ts. and follow them.

well present

10. Always be up to date:-

Always keep yourself up to date to with the recent ongoing events. So, that you can feel confident and intelligently at the time your group talks about it. Read newspapers daily, watch the news. Newspaper reading not just only helps you to know about the recent events, but also helps you to improve your brain capacity, intelligence, and curiosity. It also connects you to the world that you live in. It gives you many ideas about how the government works, sports, entertainment and the trending market, e.t.c. The newspaper keeps us up-to-date with general knowledge and various information. You can also read about How can I improve myself to make the best version of myself?

up to date


From the above article, you have learned about what is the difference between an intelligent person and a common man and different tips and tricks on how to be intelligent and smart enough to impress others? There are various easy steps to be an intelligent person, just you have to do all the things that a successful person does. You have to find out your passion, as you start to follow your passion, there is nothing that can stop you from being an intelligent person. Have a fixed time schedule for the same and follow it strictly. Thus you can improve your self and your life and present yourself smarter and intelligent.

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