How To Improve Your Fitness

How To Improve Your Fitness : Easy & Simple Way

How To

Today, everyone wants to stay fit so we are discussing about fitness in our life that is very very important things in our life how to stay fit in 2 week ,and how can I stay fit to the our body .sometimes we feel to embrace due to fitness because without fitness sometimes we lose the own confidence . In this topic, we are also discussing what is the best food and how many hours should exercise for the good physic and you improve your fitness in 2 weeks.

Nutrition: food chart

If you think about fitness before you should think about nutrition .because nutrition is a big role to perform in your life. Nutrition is very important for all people they are thought to lose your weight and think gain. If you want to improve your fitness in 2 weeks. Your weight depends on your food nutrition and your nutrition decide your good or bad body structure. In the keep for the body fit you should be added in your food chart like all food and fruits that are a presence in a protein you have to do include in your daily meal routine.

Exercise: fitness level

After the nutrition we talk about the exercise .if fitness is what you want to improve the exercise regimen of obstruction training flexibility and cardiovascular exercise should be implemented. And the weight lifting that all are help to enhance your fitness level.

  • Box jump (10 -15 rep)
  • Weight lifting (20 rep in 2-3 set)
  • Farmer walk -30 yards (2-3 set)
  • Rope jumping
  • Running
  • Cycling

They all exercise gives you good fitness and you feel energetic whole day .and you will feel start to different in 2 weeks in yourself with the also improve your fitness level.

Sleep: Why Fitness Is Important

I recommend you take a rest 7-9 hours in a night I have seen people who are trained and eat well but lack of rest but cannot drop body fat. If the people did not take rest 7-9 hours. What happens with them your body hormone cannot repair and optimize that is the reason for your body to begin deteriorating. If you balanced yourself, definitely you improve your fitness in 2 weeks. Exercise and physical activity are important for improving your health reduce the risk of developing a disease like cancer diabetes so that’s why fitness is important for a human being.

Drinks water:

Drink a lot’s of water I will recommend you in the 24 hours you should consume maximum 4-5 liter water as much as possible, the reason is drinking water will help you stay hydrated. If you have been exercising then you will need to drink more as much as possible water to replace the water that your body has lost .you can to swapping water to the beverage that you can normally use it like juice, soda, coffee.

Avoid intoxicant things :

If you want to better physic then you should avoid the all intoxicant thing like smoking or alcohol that are affected by your fitness goal it is hard for you to develop your physic.


If you want to improve your body go with an all rule and regulation a one day you achieve your fitness goal.

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