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How to dress well and have an effective personality?


Everyone wants to look better and have a wow personality. But there are few questions in the minds that how? Solving this confusion here are some dressing tips that will help you to dress better.

Tip no. 1: Appearance

The first and main tip come is to take care of your appearance. Your appearance matters a lot. How do you look from top to bottom decides the type of person you are. Hence, you have to look at your top to bottom appearance. Always keep yourself and your things hygienic. Cut your hair and always comb it properly. Have decent attire. You may use formal attire, to impressive appearance.

Tip no. 2: Invest more in yourself

You can invest your money in yourself to make better. Wear a stylish watch to have a great look. Spend some money on having comfortable shoes. Get a better silver pen and dress for you. You can also read about Simple Fashion Tips That Make Your personality extraordinary

Invest more in yourself
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Tip no. 3: Wear your dress well

It is not much important which color or how old dress you are wearing but it is important how you are wearing. Hence you must double-check your clothing once. Dress well, with pressing it properly. If you are wearing a formal dress or suit, you must know the etiquette. Keep your upper button close and tip at the neck point. You can also read about Dressing for an Interview: Top 5 Tips for successful interview dressing.

Tip no. 4: Always wear according to the situation or place where you are going to.

You must take care of the place or situation going on. So that you can dress ell according to it. For example, if you are going to the funeral of someone then you ill never wear a party dress. Or going to a party you will not wear a bride’s dress. Hence you must have to wear according to the situation and place.

dress well

Tip no. 5: Always wear a dress of correct size.

If you want to look better than you must have to wear a dress that is of your right choice. The too-tight dress gives a weird look and the too loose dress makes you look much bigger than you are. Hence you must wear a dress that is right for you. You can also read about Look slimmer: 7 tips that make you look slimmer and stylist


From the above passage, you can conclude that to look better you just have to take care of your appearance and dressing sense. You will have to invest in yourself nicely to dress well. Follow all the above points to get better results.


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