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How To Fix Fuzzy & Blurry Text in Windows 8 in Some Easy Clicks

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Hello, I am Peter and I am using the Windows Operating System for a long time. Recently, I upgraded my Windows 7 PC to Windows 8 and I the overall experience of using this OS is also quite good. But, from the past few days, I was having difficulties while reading something on the screen. This was really difficult to read as compared to my Windows 7. The screen/text was looking blurry and fuzzy and it was a really tough experience for me. My overall system administration experience has been ruined as it is really very difficult in reading texts.  I tried so many methods in order to recover my Windows * operating system from this issue but I was unable to do so. If anyone here, with an effective technique, then please help me to get rid of this. Thanks a ton in advance…

Fuzzy & Blurry Text in Windows 8

There is a huge number of Windows 8 user who had a complaint about this issue. So many Windows 8 users have a complaint about the fuzzy and blurry text in Windows 8 PC and due to this, they can’t be able to read the contents on the screen. This issue is not only ruining the overall experience of the users but also their eyes because it is quite difficult in reading.

The apps of Windows desktop falls broadly on two classes of apps. The one falls under the DPI-aware category while the other falls under the DPI not aware category. The Windows operating system knows very well during the launch that these apps are capable of working well with the high DPI display. This thing works pretty cool with the apps which are DPI aware and they can run smoothly well with it. Apps like Internet Explorer,  Office, Firefox, and .NET 2.0+ (including WPF) apps work well across a wide range of scale factors. Therefore, if you have any business app or any kind of app which is DPI aware then you don’t face any issues while launching or execution of those apps.

So, this was applicable to those apps which are DPI-aware but what if the apps are not DPI-aware. If the apps are not DPI aware and are running on a high DPI display, then it will create an issue for both the apps and the user. The Windows operating system scales apps by applying bitmap scaling to the output of the app. This is done in order to ensure that the application is correct size on a high DPI display. In some cases, this works fine and results in crisp as well as usable applications whereas in some cases it may result in the fuzzy and blurry appearance of the bitmap scaling.

How To Find Which Application Is DPI-Aware & Which Not?

This is really easy to find out and it can be done by using a tool called Process Explorer, which is a tool from Microsoft. The Process Explorer Tool is highly advanced and effective in finding out which app is DPI aware and which is not.

process explorer tool

Suppose if an app is DPI-aware, the process explorer shows the utility in use and a column will show the DPI Awareness Enabled. When you click on the title called DPI Awareness Enabled then it will tell you that the selected particular process in DPI aware or not.

Things To Do With The Apps Which Are Not DPI Aware

Usually, Microsoft recommends all the apps are DPI-aware. The latest and the newer versions of apps are DPI-aware and if those which are not DPI-aware, then one can contact the vendor in order to update these apps which are not DPI-aware.

Solutions To Remove Fuzzy & Blurry Text & Image From Windows 8

There are so many solutions through which one can remove the Fuzzy and Blurry Text from Windows 8. These methods are manual as well as automatic. However, we all know that the automatic processes are quite lengthy and complex and apart from it, the manual process needs times to complete the process. You must have to be skillful in order to recover the system from this issue. To overcome the situation, we have a pro-level tip which can remove this fuzzy and blurry text error in some easy and effective clicks. This will be done by using Reimage Repair Software. The Reimage Repair Software is so powerful in removing these kinds of errors.

Solution: 1- Tell Windows Not To Scale Apps Which Are Not DPI-Aware

If you are the user and you aren’t able to deal with the bitmap scaling of the apps, then you can tell the windows to not scale those apps which are not DPI-aware. To do this, you have to go to the Compatibility Tab through the Properties of Application and from here you can disable the bitmap scaling.

compatibility tab of apps

Solution: 2- Use Compatadmin Tool

You can use Compatadmin in order to manage the bitmap scaling of the application. This tool is available in the Application Compatibility Toolkit which can be found in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit. You can also download the kit from the Microsoft online site.

You can disable the bitmap scaling or can also manage bulk-shimming of application. But, this will lead to the content to appear too small. The size will be really hard to read or interact with. These settings and methods can somehow remove the fuzzy and blurry text but will also shrink the text.

The Pro-Tip: Reimage Repair Software

There is a very powerful software called Reimage Repair Software which can remove the fuzzy and blurry text issues of Windows 8. The Reimage Repair Software is highly advanced in wiping out all kinds of error, infections, and loopholes from the system as well. The Reimage Repair Software comprises of so many superb features and specifications which can repair almost everything of a Windows PC. The tool is quite user-friendly and can remove every issue from Windows 8 in some easy and effective clicks.

Below is the link of this powerful tool, from where you can download the software and can also know more about this tool.

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