Ways To Fix System Restore Encountered an Error 0x81000203 (Property Page) Windows 10

Windows 10

Nowadays, a number of computer users are encountering System Restore Encountered an Error 0x81000203 (Property Page) Windows 10 related issues. It is identified as one of the frustrating issue which comes out and appears on the computer screen every time while trying to switch on the System Restore option. This error code is such a strange or rare code which occurs on your system screen and stops all legitimate process running in your system. It is a dubious error which blocks the functions of utilities running in your system. In such ways, if you use TuneUp tools then it disables various components, then system restore is suddenly disabled. Then, a type of inbuilt tool known as Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider cannot be running on your system properly.

system restore error

In addition, System Restore Encountered an Error 0x81000203 (Property Page) Windows 10 usually belongs to the series of Windows OS. There are the lists of dreadful bugs and issues presents in the Windows computer. These serious bugs are linked with two different errors named as System Restore Error 80042308 and Error 0x8000fff Catastropic Failure While System Restore.

There are the lists of error alerts or notifications which may pop-up on your system screen. Some of the errors are mentioned below :

“Windows cannot find a primary image on the system.”
“An unexpected error occurred during System Restore, Please try to run System Restore again.(0x81000203).”
“ System Restore failed to fetch the legitimate copy of the directory and settings were not modified.”
“There is an unspecified error in the property page. (0x81000203). “


Simple solution to fix System Restore Encountered an Error 0x81000203 (Property Page) Windows 10 issues

In such unpleasant situations, if you are not able to fix these annoying errors and use utilities of Windows, let’s figure out on the following steps. Some of the manual steps are classified below :

Deactivate Turbo mode and eliminate TuneUp programs or utilities

Step 1. Turn on your Windows system and click on Start button and then right click on it. Then, move your mouse cursor on ‘App and Features’ . After selecting this feature option, you will see the settings page on your system screen.

Step 2. Just locate the right side and then click on TuneUp Utilities option and other running programs that are listed.

Step 3. Now, click on Uninstall option. You will notice a type of Uninstall window of the program appeared on the PC’s screen. Then just move to Uninstall button to eliminate existing programs from the PC.

Step 4. Once the Uninstalling process is completed, without making any delay and just reboot your computer machine and use System Restore option.

Step 5. Moreover, after following the steps the error not fixes then you need to take help of next utility means Turbo Mode application.

Must turn off Turbo Mode

As we all know that Turbo Mode comes as inbuilt driver used to boost or enhance the system’s processor as well as increase the graphics performance. It is important to know that this type of inbuilt utility deactivates the additional service and other components that are mainly uses for System Restore, then you need to apply these below steps to disables Turbo mode to use System Restore.

  • In first step, power on your PC and launch TuneUp application from start section.
  • Now, you will notice PC Optimization Mode at the bottom side of the main screen. Then, click on ‘Economy’ or Standard option. After then, you need to click on a new wrench icon presents below ‘Turbo’ option. To proceed the process, you have to click on disable options that presents under the utility option.
  • In last step, when the Turbo Mode is totally turned off, you can try System Restore option.

When Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider service is not running

In some cases, when TuneUp programs also known as “tunning utilities” are not installed on your system properly, it is confirm that Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider service is not running smoothly. Here are lists of common points that are discussed below :

1. First of all, turn on your Windows PC and move to Start Menu option. When the Start option is opened successfully, type “services” in text area and then right click on “Run as administrator” option. In simple terms, if you wish to open it using Run prompt, simply press Windows logo and R keys simultaneously. After, type “services.msc” and move to Enter option.

2. Now, you will see a small dialog box with “Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider Window” name. You will see this service on the search option and just double- click on it.

3. Once this Window is opened, move your mouse cursor on start type and select Automatic option. If you want to check the service status, click on Start button and go to OK button.

4. In next step, launch Control Panel Window and just locate System and Security. You will see a small “System and Security” dialog box, click on “System Protection” tab and choose your specific drive location and move to “Configure” button for creating a restore path for selected drives. In addition, when the configuration process is finished, you must click on Turn on System Protection to identify the service is running. Move your mouse pointer on Max Usage’s arrow that appears at the bottom side of Window. This usage option shows the percentage of Disk space.

5. In second step, you need to click on OK button to restart the system. When the system is restarted successfully, detects any type of error issues stills presents. If so, no need to panic and just follow next procedure to solve error named as System Restore Encountered an Error 0x81000203.

6. Finally, click on OK and reboot the system. Now, check whether this issue still persists. If appears, then follow the next workaround to solve System Restore Encountered an Error 0x81000203.

Must try Group policy Editor to Enable system restore

  • In first step, tun on your system and open Run command Window by pressing Window and R keys together, in text portion type ‘gpedit.msc’ to launch Group Policy Editor utility.
  • When the Editor Window in opened successfully, navigate to Computer Configuration and go to Administrative Template and then click System Restore folder.
  • Drag your mouse cursor on arrow to select Turn off System Restore. You will notice a small Window named as Turn off System Restore that appears at the left side of computer screen. Click on Not Configured option.
  • In last step, you must Reboot your Windows PC which takes a few seconds. So, after following the steps, System Restore is working smoothly.

Use Registry Editor utility

In some rare situations, Group Policy Editor could not works for Windows Pro and other Enterprise editions. In such cases, if you use Registry Editor utility then it might be best for resolving System Restore Encountered an Error 0x81000203 related errors.

  • First off all, to launch Registry Editor, tab on “Window and R” keys together and type “regedit.exe” to open run command Window and then move to OK button.
  • After that, locate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT” and checks for “SystemRestore” options. If this Restore points are exists contains DWORD value named DisableConfig. It is important to know that if the DWORD command is present and the value is 1 then it notifies you that System Restore is suddenly disabled. Thus, check if the value is 0 then double-click on it. In other words, if you want to turn on System Restore, don’t waste any time and delete DisableConfig data. At last, Restart your Windows 10 and enable System Restore.

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