Easy Guide to Fix Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10

Windows 10

Are you getting the Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10? Does your Windows systems is showing a blue screen? Are you update some old applications and getting the error on a computer screen? Does your Windows computer stop responding for an infinite period of time? If you are facing these problems then you need to fix Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10 and read the below article you will get the easy solution for fixing this error.

Windows 10 is an operating system which is developed by the Microsoft Organization 15th of July in 2015 and then it is ready for use at 29th July 2015. This is OS is also coming in the series of Personal Computer operating systems. This operating system is also supported by the all smartphone also. The Windows 10 operating system users are facing the problem while browsing the just by getting the Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 on screen and after that, they will not proceed and it will also not responding for an infinite period of time. Most of the time the reason of entering the error in the Windows system is due to the run some specific applications and it will also occur due to the update some of the olde installed applications.

Reasons of Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10:

There are several reasons for the occurrence of Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10 and some of them are mention below:

  • Due to the Corruption of DLL files, EXE files, VDX files of the Windows operating system.
  • Due to the corruption of saved system files of Windows 10.
  • Due to the entering of wrong registry files on the computer.
  • Due to the attack of most of the harmful virus or malware on Windows Personal System.
  • Dues to the incomplete installation of applications.

A solution of Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10:

The most of the Windows 10 users are getting the error on screen and they unable to decide what can I do now? Then they will need to first the activities of that error just like when Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 occurs in the system then it will first show the blue screen and they will unable to allow you to access the main screen of your computer. At that time you need to enter Safe Mode or Startup Repair on your computer such that you will access the various tools for repair the system. If you have provided the Boot function to your system and it will not respond then you need to restart your Windows system and if they not done these things then you need to force them to restart them. Now, follow the below to continue to fix the error:

Step 1. First of all, before starting the process, you should ready with Windows Installation media so they will make them move forward steps. The Windows Installation media are USB Flash drive, SD or DVD. After arranging them you need to insert them just by using the specific port.

Step 2. To start the booting process manually then you need to press the keys properly such that your personal computer proceeds to boot process. The keys are ESC, Delete, F2, F8, F10, F12 or backspace. After pressing these keys and hold for few seconds while they will start the booting process.

Step 3. Then you remember that once you come to across the BIOS screen and choose the language that you want after that click on the Next button to proceed forward.

Step 4. You will get the new page on the screen and need to click on the Repair your computer button which is available on the left side of the page.

Step 5. Now again you will get a new menu page on screen then choose the Troubleshoot category within the three option. Then you need to hit on the Advanced Option from the list.

Step 6. After done the previous step then you will need to select the Start Settings such that to move forward process or steps.

Step 7. Now, you will get the menu windows and choose the Enable Safe Mode option from the list of the menu with their support function key. Now, you should click on the Restart button of and after that wait until you will get login into the Safe Mode option.

Now, you will get the login into the Safe Mode then you should try the below steps which is suitable for you.

Perform System File Checker:

  • The Windows systems users should first try to execute the System File Checker with sfs or scannow which is a built-in utility. The user should remember that this code is scanned the whole personal computer and repair the issue if any fault or error is found in Windows files.
  • Now user needs to go to the Cortana and need to type Command Prompt. Now, after getting the result on screen then choose the best match result then right click on that option and select the Run as administrator option from the displaying menu list.
  • A user should type on the elevated Command Prompt and give the command and click on the Enter key from keyboard to continue the process completely. The SFC/scannow command is typed on command box.

Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10

  • The user needs to wait for some time or several time to complete the scanning process. Do not press any key through a keyboard or not click on screen by mouse because ti will stop the process that user gives them. After completing the whole process and reach 100% then the user needs to type Exist such that they will come out from the Command Prompt. Now, you will check Error Code 80004001 in your Windows 10 system is exist or not?

The user can also restart their personal computer to check that this is Blue Screen Error Code 80004001. The user should remember that the above steps for fix the Blue Screen Error Code 80004001 in Windows 10 needs to follow properly if the user has missed any of single steps then they will not fix this issue and their Windows 10 operating system is not responding and at the end, it will dead.

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