Methods To Fix File Explorer not Working Properly Windows 8 PC Auto Restarts

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Hello everyone, a few days ao, I was upgrading my Windows 7 ultimate to Windows 8 or 8.1 OS for better performance. But after some days, I found a small file explorer dialog box that contains two different messages regarding restarting the program. As soon as I click on any one option suddenly I notice a bunch of unexpected error messages that pop-up on my system screen in every minutes. I main reason behind these error is, some driver applications gets corrupted from which the File Explorer does not works properly. There are the lists of effective methods that helps you to resolve File Explore related issues on Windows 8 PC.

How To Fix File Explorer not Working Properly Windows 8 PC Auto Restarts

Method 1. Update Graphics Cards Driver

In first option, you need to update your Graphic Card Driver which is installed in your Windows 8 computer by default. Graphic Card is a part of mechanical device which enables users to see the lists of graphics and quality videos in a simple view. That’s why, first option is you need to know about your system’s graphic card is updated to the latest version or not. Sometimes, you will see that your graphic card is not up to date or installed graphic card driver is suddenly not working properly. There are the basic steps that allows you to run graphic card on your windows 8 computer. Let’s discuss about the steps which has been mentioned below :

  • First of all, check that your system is switched on mode. After, just right-click on system’s Power User Menu.
  • Click on Device Manager option.

  • Now, open the Display adapters by right-click on it.
  • Before clicking the Display adapters option, sudden a small sub-option box will appear on the system.
  • After, right-click on the sub-option and move to Update driver Software.
  • Once the Update Driver Software is opened successfully, you will see a sub-option and you have to right-click on it and then select Update Driver Software.
  • Click on the option which displays alerts about Search automatically for updated drivers.

  • After that, you will notice a list of message in a particular small dialog box.
  • If any of the drivers not updated then these related alerts asks you to quickly update it.

Method 2. Scan the System Using Command Prompt

  • In first step, you have to right-click on Power User Menu.
  • In Power User Menu Window, choose Command Prompt(Admin)

  • After that, a small User Menu Window will appear on the system screen. Click on Next option to proceed the process.
  • Move your mouse pointer on Yes button.
  • After clicking on Yes button, you will see a Window namely Administrator Command Prompt which will automatically pop-up on your computer screen every minutes.
  • Move your mouse cursor on command area and type a command word on the Command Prompt.
  • In this command Window, you need to copy and paste the following commands which has been listed below :

  • After pasting the commands, Hit on Enter key to run scanning.

Method 3. Fix these errors Using System Restore

In Windows 8 OS, there is a built-in System restore tool which has been designed to modify the enhancements of system and make the system very easy than previous versions of Windows system. This is the unique feature of Windows 8 system which allows to change the positions of your system and does not change any type of files stored in system’s internal drive or personal settings of PC. Tha main fact about this feature is, it is primarily used to restore crucial settings of your computer and retrieve a;; important system registry files in the legitimate or authentic condition. Some of the methods to use System Restore in Windows 8 PC which has been mentioned below :

First Set new Restore Points

For Windows 8 OS

First Method :

  • First of all, turn on your Windows 8 PC and click on Start Restore Settings.
  • After that, you have to use two keys like Windows and F keys simultaneously in order to launch Win 8 Metro search window.
  • Here, you need to type a short keyword like system restore in the search area and then choose Settings option.
  • There are lots of constant search queries or keywords that are displayed in the left side of main screen. After, move your mouse pointer on Create a restore point link.

Second Method :

  • In second step, here is a new small dialog box named as System Properties which will appear on the computer screen. Move your mouse cursur on the right upper menu panel and select the System Protection.
  • After that, you need to turn on your system protection feature which is located on your computer hard drive or disk.
  • Now, choose the hard drive or partition where Windows 8 OS has been installed properly. After selecting drive option, move to Configure option.
  • Here, you have to check the special tab namely turn on system protection option used to turn on system restore configure.
  • Now, you have to set proper spaces on your hard drive or disk to enable the system protection feature listed in Max Usage folder.
  • Further, you have to eradicate all previous versions of system restore points of this hard drive. So that, after removing versions, you need to click on Delete option.
  • In last step, move your mouse pointer on OK button and select Apply option in order to save new settings.

Third Method :

  • In next step, you have to create a fresh copy of restore point in your windows 8 system. So that, you can easily click on Create option.
  • After, a new small pop-up box named as System Protection will appear on the system screen.
    In this pop-up box, you need to type short description about the new system restore point and then go to Create button.
  • In such condition, you will see your Windows 8 PC will start generating the system restore point continuously in few minutes.
  • When the system restore gets finished successfully and then you will get a new small pop-up box that will appear on your system screen.

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