What are the ways to motivate yourself to exercise?

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A few days ago,  I feel too lazy when it is time to get up and go for exercise. I require a lot of motivation for the same, but my health was going don to bad condition and doing exercise is made compulsory for me. I don’t have any other options., but it was also a difficult task for me. Then I started my searching about the ways to motivate myself for the exercises.  I got a lot of results for that, but they didn’t provide any changes in me. At last, I got a wonderful step to motivate, that really works. so I have decided to share those steps with you. In this article, you are going to know about what are the ways to motivate yourself to exercise, how to motivate to exercise when tired?

What are the ways to motivate yourself to exercise?

There are different steps to motivate yourself for the exercise, if you follow the following mention steps then definitely you will get the result.

Step: 1:- Clear your “why?”:- First of all, clear your purpose that why do you want to do the exercise. The clear reason for your works helps you to stay focused for a long time, makes you excited about your goal. It makes you feel grateful and enables you to give value-based meaning for your exercise. The stronger your why (reason) will be the higher you will be motivated. Always remember your “Why”. Whenever you lose hope or feel that you can’t do it, always remember why had you started, what was your purpose to do it. Have you achieved that, if no then how can you leave the half done work, incompletely? Have patience for the result. Be optimist. You can also read about Physical activity.clear your why

Set a Short term goal:-Start from small and make it a habit, then try to add on more and more. Don’t lose hope. Have patience. The goal is a perfect way to keep you motivated. A goal gives you confidence and energy to go ahead to the next level. try to make a realistic goal that is possible to achieve, unrealistic goal makes you depressed.  Check out your priorities over the others goal to get a piece of clear cut information about your goal. stay focused to accomplish the short term goal, it takes time, keeps patience. Track your records and analyze it. Reward yourself for success.  Making a goal keeps you focused and guides you where your destiny is. hence it is very important for everyone to have a goal which clearly defines their purpose of life. Your goal should be SMART.

  • S- specific:- It should be clearly defined, with all its features.
  • M- measurable:- It should be measured in terms of time or money, e.t.c.
  • A- Achievable:– It should be able to get or achieved.
  • R-Realistic:- There should be the existence of your goal, and it should be related to real life scenario.
  • T- Time-bound:- Your goal should have a fixed date and time of achievement.


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Prepare a plan of action:- Action plan is a type of document in which all the required steps to accomplish your goals are mentioned. Whatever is your short term goal, find out the daily targets to be done for the achievement of the goal. what are the different steps to be followed daily to achieve the targeted goal?. you have to ask these question to yourself and then whatever the answer comes to you, you have to write it down in a diary. It provides you the clarity of the path that how to do the work. Your plan of action must be according to your capability. You must have to keep motivated yourself and be stick to your plan of action to get a better result.


Take action:- After making the plan of action, its time to take actions according to the designed plan of action. complete your daily to-do list. You should never breakdown your continuity in the daily activity, otherwise, you will lose all your motivation again. Whenever  you feel that leave the task for today or let’s procrastinate it to tomorrow, the first question yourself: “Will you regret skipping the workout today?” If the answer is yes then you should not procrastinate in any condition. But if the answer is no, then you must first have a strong why i.e, a strong reason to exercise. Even then it seems to be difficult for you, then you should join an exercise class where they take charges, and the money already paid will keep you pressurize to go for the exercise. Give yourself a small-challenge daily to achieve today’s target. Keep track of your success daily. Procrastination gives you a burden, makes your energy and enthusiasm low. So don’t break the regularity in the workout schedule.


Be positive:– Be an optimist type of person. surround yourself with the positive people, who live motivated and passes the positive vibes to others. Make friends who can work out with you and support you in the same. Think about your daily success, how confident you are becoming in your viewpoint by completing the goals. Analyze your success rate to keep you motivated. Always try to be positive in any condition, it provides you energy to cope up with any kind of challenges related to your life as well as day to day problem.


Have a comfortable workout cloth:- Doing anything in your life requires a proper place and equipment. Absence of any of them will distract your concentration. While exercising, if your clothes are uncomfortable, then you will feel bad. Comfortable clothes help you to get the work done more properly without staring at the clock. Your work becomes interesting when you feel interesting. Wash your hair after the workout to feel cool and better. Also, wash your clothes to be hygienic. Write down about your feedback about how you felt after the workout. this will help you when you feel demotivated. When you feel comfortable from the inside, it becomes easy to do any job easily.

workout clothes

How to motivate to exercise when tired?

Whenever you feel tired you think to sleep, but you don’t know the reason behind the tiredness. The main reason for tiredness is not doing enough exercise. enough exercise makes you feel active. You got tired because of mental, physical, or emotional stress that comes to you by daily schedule. In such cases start with walking regularly first. At this time you really need a lot of motivation to put the shoes up and get out for the exercise. Get a strong reason that can motivate you, make a plan or do a list of the daily targets. set an alarm to wear the shoes and go for the walk at the same time. This will build a habit of your. It may be difficult for you for one week or two, but after that when you get completed 21 days, it will become your habit. In 90 days you will master it. So the most difficult part is to start, hence have a great start with a lot of motivation, and maintain it till 2 weeks, and it will be easy then. First of all, you have to get rid of all the useless arguments going there in your mind related to tiredness and exercise. Study relevant facts about the exercise and its benefits. Never try to sit down or take rest after the workout. Ask for support from your close ones to keep you on track. Always remind the reason in your mind that how it is going to benefits you in your fitness and energy level.

How to motivate to exercise when tired

Conclusion:- In the above passage you have learned about the ways to motivate yourself, in also when you are tired. You get some idea about how to make goals and plan of action. following all these techniques can also improve your daily life as well. From the above article, you may conclude that it becomes easier to keep yourself motivated with these steps. You can also try it and motivate yourself, to exercise. Exercise keeps us healthy. To be fit and healthy for a long time you must follow these steps. After you follow these steps not only you keep yourselves motivated towards daily exercises but also for another aspect of your life. I have improved my life to a great extent with these steps, for study, exercise, dieting. the above steps better tell how they work, you can go through then to build your life beautiful. To continue daily exercise really requires a lot of will power within you to cope up with all the pain and workout again the next morning.

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