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What is eloquent and how can I be a more eloquent speaker?

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I got an email regarding the questions that how to be eloquent. These days the importance of communication skill is in demand everyone wants to be a good communicator and are finding a solution to improve their communication skill. Communication skill is one of the skill everyone should have. Many are also finding a solution for the same. If you are eager to know it, then you are in the right place. Here are some tips to improve your communication and become an eloquent speaker. This article better describes what is meaning of eloquent, need to be eloquent, steps to be an eloquent speaker, how to sound smart when texting, how to speak more intelligently?

What is the meaning of eloquent?

Eloquent is an ability to express your viewpoint confidently and clearly. Usually, this term is used for oral communication, but you can also use it for writing. It is basically a skill to speak or write better. Today’s trend demands you to be a good speaker, especially of the English language. Hence it is important to know the steps to be eloquent. You must have a good pronunciation of the words you are speaking, to make the listener understand the context. Your content should be in according to the niche audience.


What is the need to be an eloquent speaker?

Communication skill is a highly demanded skill at every place like an interview, relationships, e.t.c. It improves your personality. People with good communicating skill are preferred more than those who lack it. Good communication gives us the confidence to speak. It is very important to learn how to be an eloquent speaker if you are running a business. There you have to meet many unknown people every day to inform about your products. The first impression is the last impression. once you meet somebody they can only observe your dressing sense, body posture, and way of speaking. On the basis of these criteria, they are going to judge you and your personality, and what kind of services you can provide to them. And this will decide, about the sell of your products, and the goodwill of your business. Today if you see around any area of life, like education, relation, social environment, any types of career, there is the requirement of a good personality with a wonderful speaking talent. To get success in your life you must practice being an eloquent speaker.


What are the Steps to be an eloquent speaker?

Step: -1, First of all, maintain a good posture, stand with spine straight and relaxed so that you don’t seem to be lazy. Keep your chin up, to get the visibility. Learn about body postures and practice it. Use hand gestures while speaking. A good posture shows what kind of person you are. How you resembles the quality of a human being.

body posture

Step: -2, Learn new words:- A paragraph is made up of sentences. To speak anything, you must have the words to frame the sentences. Hence you should learn new words daily to have a collection of many words in your mind, with correct pronunciation, and meaning. Always be up-to-date. Try to take care of the grammatical error. Don’t use the same word many times, use different synonyms to look presentable. When you will have a good collection of a variety of words, you can frame the sentences in the best order that are understandable bu your audience. new words will enhance your knowledge and thinking, hence speaking also goes on improving.

new words

Step: -3 Practise to speak:– Practice makes a man perfect. Use your natural speaking style and they improve it by eliminating all the nad habits. To be a good speaker you must practice daily to speak without any preparation. You can also talk in front of the mirror so that you can observe your body language and expressions. Practice more and more to get a better result. Practice speaking loud, as it may happen that you have to speak in front of many people and the mic isn’t working. Work on your voice, speed, tome, and pitch to improve the quality of the speech. Do some vocal exercises. Daily practice will gradually improve you toward better.

practice to speak

Step: -4 Keep it simple:- Taking too much stress while speaking can ruin all. So keep it simple and don’t take the pressure. Nothing happens in one day, but it happens one day if you regularly learn new words and practice sentence on it. Taking things hard can make you feel impossible, and you will be unable to do it. make your will power strong and be confident to do it.

keep it simple

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Step: -5 At the time of the public speak:- Take a deep breath before speaking. While speaking in the public you should focus on the listener. Have good eye contact, but not stare. Your topic should be according to listener and interesting. Be prepared with the full knowledge of the topic. Your voice should be loud enough that can reach each and every person’s ear. Pause at the important word to emphasize it. Give the best of yourselves. At the time of public speaking, try to grab the attention of your audience as much as you can through humor and anecdotes.

public speaking

How to speak more intelligently?

Everybody wants to speak better to impress the listener. To improve your speaking skills and, be confident you must have to practice a lot. Here are some traits that you have to inherit in yourselves. Practice keeping your spine straight but relaxed while standing or sitting. practice to speak loudly and clearly, that your voice is audible to everyone. Always keep your chin up while speaking. Always focus on the listener. learn about good body language and practice in, deliver your information with appropriate gestures. While public speaking, Speak clearly and evenly to let your audience a clear concept of your topic. Focus on your pronunciation of the words while speaking. Prepare well, get all the information before delivering in the public. Highlight and recap all the main points after the competition of topic. Discuss all sides of the problems. Keep your energy up and high while speaking. Try to grab the interest of the audience. You should know the need for the audience. Don’t overreact while speaking, use your own style of speaking. Use humor and anecdotes while speaking to build a relationship with the people. Add new words to your memory. Be natural as you are, Don’t use too many gestures. Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking.  There are a few steps if you follow them you will get better results in presentation as well.

  1. Identify your purpose or objective.
  2. Analyze your audience, on the basis of language and the level of understanding.
  3. Identify the needs of the audience
  4. Collate your information.
  5. Design your communication
  6. Time your presentation.
  7. Always stop for a while on an important line.
  8. Maintain good eye contact with the listener, but don’t drill continuously.

have a intelligent conversation.

How to sound smart when texting?

You can learn more new vocabulary to make your sentences more attractive. Always use the right words and correct spellings. Take care of your grammar while writing. Expand your knowledge as vast as you can. Know your objective, i.e. Focus on the niche audience. Try to avoid typo or factual errors. Be presentable at the time of writing. Give appropriate space between the text, punctuation marks, margins, e.t.c. Always focus in one direction related to the topic. Don’t repeat the same words many times. Think before writing, don’t make the cut after writing. Highlight the important points. Always mention summary or recap all the main points after the competition of topic. Discuss all sides of the problems. Focus more on quantitive things. Place illustration along with the related text. Avoid imprecise text, focus more on quantitative data.  Arrange the text in a proper manner i.e, index page, thesis, introduction, main body, conclusion, appendices, bibliography,e.t.c. Define each abbreviation. All tables and figures must be numbered separately. keep the main ideas in a single paragraph, if the idea changes, then change the paragraph. Don’t lose objectivity.

Conclusion:- From the above article,  you may conclude that to be an eloquent speaker is very very important these days. Everybody wants to be a good speaker. even people like to listen to only an eloquent speaker. they got bored from the arrogant and boring speakers. To express your cities to someone get sympathy, or help, you must have the talent of speaking, then only you can convince the targeted listener. thus, from the above article, you can get the idea about how to be a good speaker, and improve your speaking skills. You can get more idea about the topic if you read more and more.

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