How to Write an Effective CV

How to Write an Effective CV: Tips and advice from the expert

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Yesterday I got an mail asking about how to Write an Effective CV for your first job interview. In every job interview, the interviewer sees your cv first. The First impression is the last impression and if you want to create your first impression in front of them, then you need to work on your CV. You are going to be called for the interview after looking at your CV. Are you afraid of how to make an effective CV? Do you need some guidance for that? No need to worry now, in this article you are going to get some tips and advice from the expert on how to Write an Effective CV?

What is a CV?

The full form of a CV is Curriculum vitae which means the Course of life. It may be defined as a short description of you and your education, and qualifications, and your previous working experiences, projects. It is mostly used for applying for a job. It also includes information about scholarship awards and achievements, the publication of your works. You need to submit your CV if asked for while applying for a job. There are various templates that can help you to write a wonderful CV. Here are some additional tips which will help you to write a CV in an easy way. It ensures about you and what kind of person you are. Before going through the steps and tips of writing an effective CV, let us go to the difference between a CV and a Resume. You can also read more about Interview preparation: Tips to prepare yourself for your first interview


Difference between a CV and a Resume?

A CV and a Resume are similar as well as different in their different aspects. They both describe you and your qualifications and previous working experiences. They both describe your skills, achievements, and awards. They both are used to get a job and apply for a job. In India, you can use a CV or a Resume as the same but in the US or in Europe you can’t use each other as same. You can also use them as the same in South Africa, and Australia. The main difference between the resume and a CV is that Resume is a short description whereas a CV has a long description. In a CV your full details are given but in Resume point out them shortly. You can also read more about Control thoughts: how to control your mind from unwanted thoughts?

resume vs CV

How to Write an Effective CV?

After looking at the importance of a CV you had all the ideas about it and its importance. You have also learned that while applying for a job you should have a great CV to make your better impression in the eyes of the interviewer. Thus, the chances of the rate of getting the selected become high. Let us have a look at some tips to create a better CV. A CV includes below-mentioned information:-

how to write an Effective CV

Your contact information:-

You have to give your correct information about all your details. so that the company can able to reach you easily. Your Contact information includes your full name, your full address including your city, state and zip code. You have to mention your Phone number and Email address also. For example:
Sophia Jolie
Rt 11, Evans Mills NY,  US 13637

contact information

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Your Academic history:-

You have to mention your academic qualification always in reverse order. Like, you have to first write about your Post-doctoral program, then Graduate school after that, Undergraduate school and lastly High school. If you are pursuing any of them then you have to start from there. For example:

Ph.D. in finance, 2019
oxford university, US,

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Your Professional experience:-

If you have any working experience before, you should mention all about your Organization or institution along with Job title/position and Dates employed. You have to also mention all the details about duties, experience, and achievements. For example:

University of Southern California
International Career Institute (ICI) – USA – Los Angeles| 2016–2019
Taught multiple undergraduate and graduate courses.
Acted as a student advisor to first-year students.

Professional experience

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Your  Qualifications and skills:-

You have to mention all your soft and hard skills that are inherited in you. All types of Accreditations and certifications that you have achieved in your life should be mentioned in your Qualification and skill area. For example:

Team building,  leadership,
Fluent in English, Hindi, and French
Certification in Essay writing

Your Awards and honors:-

In the journey of life if you had achieved many awards and honors then you have to mention them all. You should first mention the name of the award along with the year you were awarded, the Name of the organization that gave the award and all the details of the award. like how many people received that award and how often that award is given, and among how many people you achieve that position.  For example:

Nobel prize, 2018
Oxford University
Awarded for excellence in poetry writing to one individual in the U.S. each year.

Awards and honors

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Your Publications:-

If you have written about my books in your life, then you need to mention your publication or the sample of work. You have to mention all the details including the author’s name, date of a book published, a summary of your publication or short description, volume, and pages. Mention all about your presentation details from title, date and short description along with the place of presentation.

Your Professional associations:-

If you have any professional association then you can mention them too. You have to mention the name of the organization and its geographic location along with the dates of active membership. For example:

American cleaning society (2016–Present)
Society for cleaning Research (2014–Present)

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Professional associations

You can also mention your Grants and fellowships and all about your Licenses and certificates and about Volunteer work if you have participated in them. After that, you have to mention your personal information at the end. In this, you can mention your father’s name, your date of birth, language proficiency, religion and hobbies and interest, e.t.c. You can also read more about How to build self-esteem and self-confidence: tips and strategies

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Highlight all the key information

After you have written all about you, now its time to highlight all the key information. so that the interviewer gets the idea about you in a few minutes. The key information should be noticeable because the interviewer has not that much time to read each and every line of your CV. All of your specific skills, capabilities, and experiences, that can make the reader more appealing.

You can highlight your key information by making it odd by writing in a block letter, or you can make them bold to highlight. You can also put your key information at the top of every section. So that the reader shouldn’t miss any of your key information.

Highlight all the key information in CV

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From the above article, you can conclude that it is very important to have a great CV if you want to be selected for your job. there are many steps to make your CV different and presentable. Always make your CV eye-catchy, so that everybody wants to read it. After learning all the tips and advice on how to write an Effective CV. Now its time to make your own CV.

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