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Control thoughts: how to control your mind from unwanted thoughts?

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Many times it happened that people are afraid of their own thought. You become like a person, what you think about yourself. If you will think negatively, you are going to do negative things lastly. negative thinking, in the long run, creates stress. Are you afraid of negative and unwanted thoughts? Does your thought disturb you? Do you want to get rid of negative thoughts? Are you searching for the best way to be positive and tension-free? In this article, you are going to learn about how to have control thoughts?

What is thought?

A thought may be defined as a flow of ideas within a person’s mind. Thinking is a process that goes due to the persistent you have. Different humans vary from each other in thinking and their views on the different things vary. Thought are very useful for a human being as they help you to interpret, decide about the different situations and challenges. It gives meaning to life. There are two types of thinking:-

thoughtPositive thinking:- It is a type of thinking in which you expect favorable and good results. There are many benefits of positive thinking,

  1. It keeps you stress-free.
  2. It keeps you healthy and increases your life span.
  3. The chances of getting depressed to become low.
  4. It acts as you keep yourself away from the common cold.
  5. It keeps you mentally and physically healthy.
  6. Keeps your heart healthy and fewer chances of having heart problems.
  7. It keeps you motivated during the tough time.

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Negative thinking:- It is a type of thinking in which you expect unfavorable and bad results. There are many disadvantages of negative thinking,

  1. It gives you stress.
  2. It makes you de-motivated all the time.
  3. It destroys your health mentally as well as physically.
  4. Chances of heart disease increases.
  5. It may lead to depression.
  6. It makes you a good time worst.

Negative thinking

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What is the difference between mind and thought?

Most people think that mind and thought are the same things. But there is a difference between both of them. It is often confusing to get the idea of the difference between both. The mind is the brain inside which you use to think, but thinking is a continuous going on the process inside the brain. In the English language at some places thoughts are resembled as mind, for example, when you are said to mind your language then it means to have a thought on your words. But in reality, both the words mind and thought are different. The brain is a tangible thing but the thought is intangible. It is just the flow of words or you can say self-talk.

difference between mind and thought

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How to control thoughts?

By getting an idea about thought and the importance of positive thinking. It is very important to learn about how to control thoughts. Below are some tips mentioned to have control thought:-

Take a deep breath:-

To control thoughts you need to stop and take deep breaths and observe your thought and its direction. Stop at the point where it is getting distracted. After that give them the right direction. When you take deep breathe you become conscious. When you focus on your breath, your mind gets distracted from that all unwanted thoughts and now you can decide that what you want to think and win what direction your thought should go in. You can also read more about How to overcome distractions and focus on the work?

Be in the present moment:-

Always try to be in the present moment, not in the past or the future. Being in the past or the future is just a wastage of time. You should know that your past is based on the fact that what you do today at the present moment, will afterward become past. And what you will do today in the present moment will design your future. Focus on yourself and your body in the present moment, rather than thinking of the past that will not be going to change or improve your life anymore. You can also read more about How to reduce stress: Stress management Techniques and Strategies

be in present

Keep observing your thoughts:-

You should always keep an eye on your thought as it is going to make your mood or destroy your life. You have to take care of your thought as a mother looks after her child. Just you have to keep observing them. As you find them going in the wrong or negative direction, stop here and take a deep breath. and wait and give your thoughts a correct direction that can build you and your life. You can also read more about How to build self-esteem and self-confidence: tips and strategies


Take action to address your thoughts:-

You should make a plan to address your thoughts to think in that direction. And never go against your thoughts. This will help you to be with positive thoughts. For example, if you can’t stop yourself from thinking about your past. Then stop yourself there and make a plan to get rid of that thinking and what to think on. So that you can keep your mind busy thinking useful things that will help you in the future. As you are ready with the plan then its time to follow them thoroughly and think according to them.

Be in a comfortable environment:-

Always be in a comfortable environment. Don’t let the outer world affects your inner world. You can listen to your favorite music when you feel that unwanted thoughts are disturbing you. You can also go on with your hobby to keep your mind away from negative thoughts. You can also read more about Interview preparation: Tips to prepare yourself for your first interview


You can divert your thoughts temporarily:-

Temporarily, if you getting disturbed by your thoughts then you can stop and change the direction of thoughts. Sometimes after a long day of work, you start to feel tension, stress and all the negative thought starts to come in the mind. At that time you can try to divert your thought to focus on some interesting things to divert your mind from unwanted thoughts.

Get support:-

You can also ask your friends or close ones to help in overcoming you from negative thoughts. Many times the things are not in control when you are disturbed mentally or getting negative thoughts. You feel the need for some external supports. You can get the support from your close ones and ask them to take care of you and make you aware when you behave differently. You can also read more about How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies

get support


From the above article, you can conclude that positive thinking is the best thinking which keeps your mind and body healthy. So, you should learn how to think positively and get rid of unwanted thoughts. Following the above-mentioned step, you can control thoughts. You need to be in the present moment and focus only on the given work in the present moment. so that you can have control over thoughts and not get distracted or get unwanted thoughts. Even though if you not able to control your thought then you must go to the therapist.

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