Best Tips To Configure Location Settings on Windows 8.1

Windows 8

These days, there are a certain number of apps that are installed in Windows 8 or 8.1 system by default. These apps may require your location details to execute the perfect results. But sometimes, you may notice that these related apps shows the strange messages indicates that your location may not be determined and does not generates any location related alerts. The main reason behind the location problem is location service is suddenly switched off mode and then after sometimes, the apps does not restore the full location.

In most ways, alter the setting of location on Windows 8.1 system is very simple but if you try to locate the location setting then you may notice that the entire location information is in dark portion where you cannot find applications to the location service. So that, look at the following article post which explains about how can you enable or turn on the location service if it is in greyed out.

Methods about how to Configure Location Settings on Windows 8.1 OS

  • First of all, open the Charms bar which is present at the right side of the main screen.
  • You will see a small search box where type Change location settings.
  • From the different options, choose Change location settings.

  • After, you will find a small Location Settings that appears on the desktop screen.
  • In next step, move your mouse pointer on ‘Turn on Windows platform’ option and then click on Help improve Microsoft location services.

  • At last, click on Apply button and then restart your Windows system.

Tips to know how to open Location Service

Here are the lists of steps which allows to open Location Services.

  • First, click on Charms bar and move to Settings.
  • Click on Change PC Settings option which appears at the right bottom side of screen.

  • Click on Privacy option presents at the PC Settings page.
  • Now, select ‘Location’ from the lists of Location.

  • After, you may see a small slider. Now, drag and turn it on and select Let Windows and apps use your location.

Get more information on how does Windows 8 OS detects the user’s location

These days, Privacy is known as one of the primary concern for both tech-savvy or non-tech savvy users. In some ways if you don have a deactivated GPS receiver then turn it on. The real fact is that, your Windows 8 or 8.1 PC. In such conditions, you need to download a tool from the Windows store. If you don’t want to share any kind of information that can turn off the Windows 8 OS. In the Windows 2 or other latest version, you have to move Charms bar and then click on Settings option. Click on Change PC Settings and then click on Privacy option from where you need to turn off or deactivate the location service. At last, to open each app then click on settings option and then locate the privacy tab where move to my location feature which is present at the page of system.

Get more information on how to Change Privacy settings in Windows 8 PC

In today’s internet era, Privacy is the most important element of Windows 8 other versions of Windows system. With the help of Privacy option, Windows OS captures lots of confidential and secret details from users. Here are the lists of steps which allows to turn on Privacy settings on Windows 8 system.

Here, if you are using Windows 8 or Win 8.1 PC then you can easily access system Settings. In the settings page, you just choose the Privacy option. Here is the lists of detailed guidelines which enables to turn on the Privacy option on Windows 8 PC.

  • First of all, click on Windows logo button and W keys together. Move to Search function and click on Charms bar(look the above steps explained about how to open Charms
  • Bar on Windows 8 or 8.1). After, move your mouse pointer or swipe the mouse cursor to the right side.
  • Type PC Settings in the Search bar and then move tor tap on this settings.
    Select ‘General’ from the menu lists.
  • Click on App which allows to access to your name, picture and another account information.
  • These apps easily access user’s advertising login details from where you can easily switch it off to reset it.
  • Click on SmartScreen filter option in order to access web content where apps are running in system.
  • Click on Text suggestions.
  • The websites or related portals provides appropriate content and generates the lists of languages.
  • After, you will see a Location subsection where you can easily allow Windows and apps to use your location where you can deactivate it in manual way.
  • In the main Webcam subsection where you may find the same things in the Location one. In such ways, you must select the relevant apps which you want to detect which type of apps are safe and secure in Windows PC.
  • In last step, select ‘Microphone’ sub menu option, click on disable option that enables to launch apps which you want to believe it.

Methods on how to hide the location on Windows system ?

In such ways if you don’t have any solution about how to hide to hide the location of Windows system, you can easily turn on ‘Location off’ option. After, move to Start option and type location and then select Location Privacy settings. After all, move to disable the Location and reboot the computer. It is important to understand that most of Microsoft programs and products such as Cortana and Edge. In future, if you are searching for effective solution to protect your online or offline privacy and other confidential information while browsing online. You may install a VPN tool. After that, you need to install specific CyberGhost tool. So that, with the help of these above mentioned manual procedures, you can freely safe and secure your system privacy in future.

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