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Effective Tips To Fix & Repair Windows 8/10 Error 0xC000021A

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Hello, I am John and I have upgraded my system to Windows 8. Recently when I was using my system, I found an error message “Error 0xC000021A” on the screen and then my active program windows crashed. This Error 0xC000021A in Windows 8 started crashing my system in a continuous manner. My whole system administration experience has been ruined. The mouse and the keyboard have started to reach in a very slow manner. The performance of the entire system has been degraded due to Windows 8 Error 0xC000021A. I have tried so many methods in order to remove Error 0xC000021A from my Windows 8 PC, but am unable to do so. If anyone here with an effective technique, then please help me to get rid of this situation. Thanks in advance…

Windows 10 & Windows 8 Error 0xC000021A 

The Error 0xC000021A is a common error which can happen in Windows 8 as well as on Windows 10. The new technology of the Windows operating system has so many issues after its first release. Later on, the Microsoft started to push updates to patch those vulnerabilities which were ruining the system administration experience of its users. Plenty of vulnerabilities were patched and so many errors were wiped out, but a few weren’t removed and Windows 8 Error 0xC000021A is a kind of it.

This Error states that your Windows PC is in a trouble and it needs to restart. This Error 0xC000021A appears inside a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and that’s why it is quite dangerous as it can damage the internal structure of the operating system. It is quite complex to remove this error as it can’t be removed by a simple restart or system restore. So, first of all, lets’ explore the reasons which are behind this error.

Reasons Of Error 0xC000021A in Windows 8/10

There are so many major as well as minor reasons, which resides behind this Error. Below we have the complete list of those reasons.

  1. Installation of outdated software
  2. Improper operations on the system
  3. Alteration of registry files
  4. Incomplete installation of Windows 8 or Windows 10
  5. Inappropriate actions on the system
  6. Virus/malware infections to the system.

The above-mentioned reasons are some of the major and minor causes of Error 0xC00002A in Windows 8 & Windows 10. So, now here a major question arises that what are the symptoms when Error 0xC00002A infiltrates into the system. To answer this question, we will move to the next point, so let’s go.

Symptoms of Error 0xC000021A in Windows 8 & Windows 10

Error 0xC00002A is well known for its perilous deeds and this can be found easily. Below we have some of the major symptoms by which you can identify that Error 0xC000021A has been infiltrated into your system.

  1. Error 0xC00002A appears and crashes the current running program’s window.
  2. The frequent crashing of the system will be a common thing.
  3. Performance degradation of the Windows 8/10 PC.
  4. Sudden freezing of the system for a few seconds.
  5. Pop-up will appear with error message “Error 0xC00002A”.
  6. Slow reaction of mouse and keyboard is also a symptom.

The above is the complete list of symptoms which will start to happen after the successful infiltration of Error 0xC00002A in your Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC.

How To Fix Windows 8/10 Error 0xC000021A

There are so many manual methods as well as automatic procedures which will help you in removing the Error 0xC00002A from the Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC. However, the manual methods are quite complex as well as lengthy and you must have advanced knowledge in order to perform those actions. Apart from those complex manual method, we have a complete automatic tool called “Reimage Repair Software” which is highly advanced in repairing the entire Windows 8 & Windows 10 Operating System from Error 0xC00002A. The Reimage Repair Software can remove Error 0xC000021A in a few simple clicks from Windows 8 & Windows 10.

remove Error 0xC000021A

Manual Method: 1- Repair the registry entries linked with Error 0xC000021A

To do this method you will have to follow some steps and here we go- Click Start> Type Command and Press CTRL+ALT and hit Enter> Click Yes> Select Error 0xC000021A in the registry hive> Click on File> Export> In the Save In menu, select the folder where you want to save the backed up file> In the File Name box, type any desired name> make sure you have selected the Selected Branch in the Export Range Box> Save with .reg file extension>

The above process will complete the backup process of Windows 8 related registry entry. the above process will remove the Error 0xC00002A in Windows 8 through the Registry. However, this is quite a lengthy process and you must have advance knowledge about the computers in order to perform this action on your Windows 8 PC.

Manual Method: 2- Uninstall & Reinstall The Windows 8 Program of Error 0xC000021A

This process is also a manual method and it can recover your system from Error 0xC00002A. To perform this you have to follow some instructions and here we go.

  1. Click on the Start Menu and then click on Programs & Features.
  2. Browse to the Windows 8 Error 0xC00002A program under the Name column.
  3. Click on associated entry.
  4. Uninstall the program from the system.
  5. Follow the directions which appears on the screen.
  6. Completely uninstall Error 0xC000021A from the Windows system.

After successfully uninstalling the Error 0xC00002A related program, reinstall again the preferred program as directed by the Microsoft Corporation. This complete process can remove the error from the Windows system.

The Pro-Technique- Reimage Repair Software

As we have discussed earlier that there is a superb automatic tool which is highly advanced and powerful in removing all kinds of errors from the Windows systems. The Reimage Repair Software is capable of removing all kinds of Windows errors, infections as well as the vulnerabilities. The program is quite user-friendly with a cool graphical user interface. This highly advanced Reimage Repair Software wipes out all kinds of errors in some simple clicks. Below we have the download button of this powerful Reimage Repair Software from where you can install the program in order to remove the Error 0xC000021A and infections from the new technology Windows system (Windows Vista/XP/7/8/8.1/10).


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