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How to make money from blogging for beginners – Blogging basics

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Everybody needs some extra pocket money other than earning. Student needs some extra pocket money to fulfill their needs, but are very few things that you can do along with the study. Once your focus got distracted towards money. Then it is very difficult to focus again o the study. Don’t you fulfill your needs with the money you get? Are you not satisfied with the job? Are you also facing such a problem or searching for work from home job? But not to worry then you are in the right article to get the answer. In this article, you are going to know more about what is a blog, its types and how to make money from blogging for beginners without disturbing your recent ongoing work.

What is Blog?

A blog was also known as a  “weblog”. It may be defined as an informational website where a writer or a group of writers share their views on particular topics. The page you are reading right now is also a blog where you are getting the information about the topic “How to make money from blogging for beginners”.The main purpose of making a blog page is to providing more and more information to the public and secondly, making money. It is the best method to increase the traffic on your site by providing high-quality pieces of information. You can also use it professionally to create your brand and do business. You have to update more and more content on a regular basis on the blog to increase the traffic. You can also get comments and feedback from your audiences.

Whereas, blogging is a skill to write a blog, rum and maintain it. It is not an inborn skill, so, you don’t have to worry at all. You can learn it. Blogger is a person who has these skills and writes blogs on a daily basis and gets some return in the form of money. But you can’t start to make money instantly. It requires a lot of time and patience to get monetization. So, Have a look at the steps to make money from blogging. You can also read about  Effective and Successful Blog in easy steps: Tips and strategy


What are the types of Blogs?

To be successful as a blogger it is important for you to know about the types of blog and their descriptions and demands in the market. So, that you can decide on which blog you should start to have a great future. Focusing on one type of bog helps you to grab the attention of a niche audience. There are many types of blog few them are described below, which will give you an idea about the types and which type will be best for you.

1. Personal Blog:-

This type of blog doesn’t focus on any particular topic or audience. It totally depends on the blogger and his interest, on which he wants to share his views or the information on. It may be related to his hobbies, sports or politics, or his personal life. The audience has the same area of interest that connects with the blogger if they find the blogs relevant.

Personal Blog

2. Personal Brand Blog:-

These types of blogs work as a brand for the blogger where the blogger focuses on the targeted audience and their area of interest and writes the content on them. These types of blogs often provide you with information related to studies, coaching, guidance, and other information in which the audience is interested. They also provide the option to free download e-books or guides to boost the traffic.

The main focus of the blogger is to connect themselves to more and more audiences to generate more numbers of leads. They highly advertise their blogs on social media sites to get traffic. Their main aim is to create their own brands or earn money from this profession. They also use their Blogs for affiliate marketing, Or to sell their own products. This all requires high traffic. Hence, they create a Personal Brand Blog. You can also read about  Increase likes on Facebook: Tips and Tricks to boost pages, profile likes.

 Personal Brand Blog

3. Corporate Blog:-

This type of blogging is done by an entrepreneur to make the audience aware of their products and services and their features. Thus they can connect to more number of audience, who are interested in their products. This helps them to increase their sells. The topics are related to the industry in which they work, so, this type of blog can also be known as “enterprise blog”.Their main motive is to increase the sales and generate high numbers of lead, make a call, email list and then follow up. And then finally make a sale and profits.

Corporate Blog

4. Personal Services Blog:-

This type of blog describes the services that are provided by you. It may include any types of services like providing home tuition, babysitting, watchman, or any e-services, that you like to provide. The final aim of these types of blog is to get hired and provide services to the audience and get money in return. You can also make money through affiliate links and ads through this method. They get success when they reached the targeted audience and give them services. You can also read about  How to be intelligent and smart enough to impress others?

Personal Services Blog

5. Repair Services Blog:-

These types of blogs discuss the repairing services provided by you. It may include repairing of electronic gadget items, garden, or pipe, e.t.c. Their main motto is to reach the number of customers and get hired and provide the services. And finally, get money in return. They also get success when they reached the targeted audience and give them services. You can also read about  Broken data android extraction: Reviews & Ratings

 Repair Services Blog

6. Niche blog:-

These are the blogs which focus on and writes according to the targeted audiences, in which the people are interested in. They do research and then get an idea of the topics and write it in their own words. This is the best type of blog that has a great future as it focuses on its targeted audience and provides them the knowledge that they are demanding. It will increase your traffic highly. And thus, you can earn more from this type of blog.

7. Affiliate Blog:-

This type of blog deals with the products and their reviews and features. They earned from the affiliate link. It is just a marketing blog, help you to market your products and increase your sale. You can use this feature of many shopping sites like Amazon, or you may have a private affiliate from the companies.

affiliate blog

8. Artist’s Blog:-

It deals with the arts like painting, writing, e.t.c. If you are interested in the different art of this world, then you must go for it. You can also read about  How to stop wasting time and utilize it more productive?

How to make money from blogging for beginners?

Everybody wants to earn online these days. Most people search for a home-based job. You can also earn with the help of blogging. Below are some steps that will help you to earn from blogging.

Step 1:- Choose your category and type of blog:-

The first step to start a blog and earn money is to decide the type of blog that you are going to write. You should choose your category according to your interest and the demand in the market. Research and learn more about the future and demand for that topic, then only you will be successful. do a lot of research to get the idea and then only decide. Never tries to change from your category, it will take time to build the customer base. so, have patience and continue to work. You can also read about  How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies.

how to make money

Step 2:- Get a website:-

 Get a website and domain name, design it and start writing. Have patience and write more and more contents in your words. After you have decided the category, now its time to get a suitable topic related to your category.  Never copy the content, otherwise, you will never get monetization for your website. After you have completed all the processes and be regular with the blogs posting on your website.

Step 3:- Write high-quality content:-

Research more and more to get an idea about your topic and write high-quality content. All the blogging and its earning are based on the quality of the content that you write. Your content should be an eye catchy, with images that explain the content. Always write SEO friendly content. You can also read about  How to read faster and understand the context easily? It will help you in your research for the details of the topic. And you will get a lot of ideas and then make your own content relevant.

quality content

Step 4:- Share your blog:-

A successful blogger is one who has more audience and connections. They develop a relationship with the audience to have a great future. They share their posts more and more to increase traffic. Don’t spend most of your time on writing the blog. Get some time to share to reach more and, more public. You can do so, through social media sites like facebook and different facebook group, twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, e.t.c. It is very important to promote your blog than just writing. So, never forget to share your blog after posting. Share your link to more and more number of sites and create backlinks.

share your blog

Step 5:- Get a monetization:-

You can get the ads from Google AdSense which will display suitable ads according to your content. You can monetize your website with ads in two ways:-

  1. CPC ads:- CPC means cost per click, also known as pay per click(PPC). in this type of monetization you get ads in the side and middle of the content and every time your audience click on them. You will be paid according to the number of clicks.
  2. CPM ads:- it is another way to monetization, in this, you will be paid a fixed amount of the money according to the number of viewers. It is known by cost per 1000 impressions.


Step 6:- Affiliate link:-

You can also earn through including affiliate links in your content on your website. Affiliate means to sell other products and gets the commission. In this type of monetization, you will get a link that has a code recognizing you as an affiliate and you can share it on your content directly or through banners. And as anybody clicks on your banner or link and purchases the item from your link, then you will get a percentage of the amount that the customer pays for the items. you can affiliate privately with some company or with other shopping websites such as Amazon. There is an option below the page of Amazon site “Become an affiliate” and thus your work starts. You can also earn through selling digital products like e-book, online courses, images, and videos.


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You have looked at the what is blogs, its type and how to make money from blogging for beginners without disturbing your recent ongoing work. From the above article, you may conclude that you can earn a good income through blogging and it is the best way to enhance your knowledge as well as to create a platform for your customers to reach you easily. It helps you to develop your business and sell your products easily. You can work from home and earn a lot with a little investment. Research more and more and get the knowledge to create a unique blog for your audience.

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