Anger management: tips and strategies to control anger

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Yesterday I got an email, asking to give some tips to control anger and anger management. A few years before I was also facing this problem of anger and I had research on the topic and I got some amazing game-changing results. Are you also facing the problem of anger? Do you feel repent of short-tempered minded? Are you searching for some tips to control your anger? Are you afraid of aggressive nature? Then no problem now, I am going to share all the solution that actually works on me and will definitely work for you. In this article, you are going to know about Anger management and use that energy in a positive direction.

What is anger?

Anger may be defined as an emotion that is natural to humans, causes due to unfulfillment of the expectation. It is unwanted emotions that nobody likes to have, but by default, it is inherited in human beings. Sometimes anger can be good for you and sometimes it doesn’t. It consists of a lot of energy within it that you can use to keep yourself motivated toward your goal or it can destructively make ruin you. It can also help you to get the solution as well as to make the situation more worst. It also occurs due to your surroundings in which you have been grown. There are two kinds of anger:

Mild anger:- It can be due to stress or fatigue from the whole day’s hectic schedule. If your basic needs are not fulfilled like food, shelter, cloth, and enough quality sleep then there is a high chance of suffering from anger. Many times anger came due to frustration or feeling inferior to others, getting criticism by others.

Extreme anger:- Some people are short-tempered and get angry about every situation around them. They always use to get angry on others, it may be people or any non-living thing. They want the things should go according to them, which is impossible. They don’t understand that everyone is different and they will work according to themselves. You can also read more about How to become a mentally strong person: Tips and strategy


How to recognize Anger?

For anger management, it is very important to recognize the anger. There are a few symptoms that will help you to recognize that you are suffering from anger:-

  • Having a rapid heartbeat
  • when you start to breath faster
  • You start feeling a headache or restlessness in the body.
  • You may feel clenched fists and jaw
  • You may have excessive sweating and trembling, without reason.


What is the disadvantage of Anger?

Anger is sometimes beneficial as well as sometimes it is harmful. little anger and in a positive direction, makes you work harder to get the target or the problem solve. But excessive anger can cause severe problems. It can harm both to your physical as well as your mental health:-

Increased blood pressure:- If you get angry in the long run, it makes your blood pressure high and causes severe problems such as cardiac arrest or stroke.

Gives you pain:- It can give you the pain of repent as well as headache and back pain. For a long time if anger tries to affect you it may cause you to reduce your threshold for pain. and reduce your immunity power. You can also read more about How to build self-esteem and self-confidence: tips and strategies

Sleep problem:-Angry can cause you to not get enough sleep and hence keeps you tired and irritating the whole day.

Digestion problem:- Anger can cause the digestion problem also. It can also cause your eating disorder and force you to take toxic substances like alcohol to get rid of the stress in your mind. Which again in the long term will affect you more.

Depression:- Getting the feeling of angry for the long run can also cause you to develop depression, a harmful disease that can destroy you from the inside. At the time when you are angry, you remain unconscious about the person or place and you start to reac6t unconsciously. You may hurt yourself when you are angry.

Reduced self-confidence and self-esteem:- When you are facing the aggressive mood of yourself it can make you a low confident person and increases self-doubt within you. You can also read more about How to overcome distractions and focus on the work?

disadvantage of Anger

What is Anger management?

Anger management is a skill that helps you to manage the anger. It is not an inborn skill, you can learn and acquire it within n yourself. It helps you to recognize the presence of anger withing you and you can now manage them as you start to observe them. You can get the idea of signs and symptoms of anger and how to give them a positive direction. You can also learn how you can get maximum benefits of your anger is constructive wy to fulfill your goal.


You just need patience and dedication to learn it, then it ill be easy for you to understand the concept behind anger management. Many times you think of the question that what to do when anger is trying to affect you? But if you still didn’t get any solutions to the problem then no need to worry at all. Below are some tips and strategies to control your anger. You can also read more about How to be intelligent and smart enough to impress others?


Anger management: tips and strategies to control anger


You should have control over it before it tries to control you:-

 At the time when anger tries to attack you,  be aware and observe the feelings and get control over them, before the anger ruins and control you. Whenever you feel angry to take a deep breathe to have control over it and be calm. Or you can give yourself time and go to a place where you can process the triggers. these are some techniques that will make you cool down, Start counting or distracting your focus from anger. Go outside for a short walk.  You can also take support from your close ones to let you be successful in the mission. You can also read more about What is loneliness and what are the ways to deal with loneliness?

Recognize the early signs of anger:-

You have to be aware and observe the symptoms of anger and let yourself know that if it is trying to attack you. Remember all the signs and symptoms and work on them as you find any of them within yourselves. Prevention is better than to cure, get te earlier sign and prevent it from affecting you. Otherwise later, it is going to harm you.


Think before you speak:

It has been observed that when you are angry you unconsciously speak anything without thinking about it. And, later you used to repent on your words. At the time when you are suffering from anger always think before you speak. Once you get calm, then you can express your anger in a controlled way, which is only where needed in a sweet tone to make others understand you. You can also read more about How to manage time: Time management Techniques and Strategies

Do daily exercise and meditation:-

Daily exercise and meditation help you to be calm and stress-free. It makes you aware of your surroundings and feelings. so that you can have your controls on your emotions. Physical activity helps you to reduce your stress and tiredness that are causing you angry. If you feel that anger is attacking you, then go have some time for exercise and meditation for anger management.


Identify possible solutions:- 

Instead of focusing on the problem or the cause of anger, start to focus on getting the solution to overcome your anger and get it to overcome. Find out all the possible causes of your anger and write it down and search for there solutions to get overcome from them. You can also read more about How to reduce stress: Stress management Techniques and Strategies

Use humor to release tension:

Most of the time you get angry because of tension and stress. Senses of humor and comedy help you to get relief from your tensions and stress and thus also help you in overcoming anger. You can read books or watch movies for having fun to let your mind be cool. Thus, you can manage your stress and anger management. it will give the energy a positive direction and do something constructive. You can also read more about How to read faster and understand the context easily?



In the above article, you have learned that anger is a harmful emotion that destroys you from the inside and makes you unhealthy and causes you many types of diseases. Hence you need to deal with it and get rid of such type of harmful emotions. Either you have to control anger, or anger will start to have control over you. Above are s some steps that you can follow to overcome anger. You need to be dedicated and have the patience to achieve the desired result. And, finally work hard with never give up attitude and you will overcome anger one day.

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