Easy Tips to Read Latest News on ABC News App in Windows 10

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In today’s life, people are want to read latest on ABC News App in Windows 10. This application contains all type of categories that the peoples are needed in their daily life. The peoples are also demanding apps for Windows 10 system. This application easily supports the Windows system. So, read the below article the user are get know about the ABC News App in Windows 10.

The ABC News App is launched by the Microsoft organization where they will provide the latest new in by using this application and they are added the number of categories like entertainment, sports, business and many more related with these applications. The much more facilities are provided by this application to the Microsoft User due to that they are easily accessing them and gte5 the benefits from this application. This application is also given the good morning news due to this application is also known to be good morning America app which is daily uploaded the latest news of America for the American peoples. Some of the features of this applications are mentions below:

Using ABC online Services:

The ABC application is providing the online services in which the facilities included them are ABC managed spaces on third-party platforms. One of the important things of this service is that if the user agrees with the terms and condition of this application then the user starts getting this service but if the if the user is not want to its online services then they did not click on the terms and conditions of the computer.

Using ABC online Services

Use of ABC Content:

The ABC app has the rights in the content that their contents have images, videos, names, trademark, and copyright are all reserved or to the licensors by the ABC application. The content that is provided by this application is most useful to daily life and for non-commercial use only.

The above mentioned are some basic information about the ABC application.

How to open the latest news on ABC News App in Windows 10?

The ABC news application does not only support the Windows 10 version it will also support tot he all type of versions. The Windows user is want to news app for Windows 7, then we suggest them that ABC news app is popular application and this was launched by the Microsoft organization. So, follow the below steps to open the ABC news application in their Windows 10 or another version of Windows.

Step 1. First of all the user is need to search this application by using the play store application in their Windows 10 systems. Verify the applications logo then after that they should read their terms and conditions from the application page of Play store.

Step 2. Once you verify the application and complete the know about this application click on the install button and wait till the complete installation.

Step 3. Open the ABC news application you will get the top stories then after that in the side corner of the open page you get the category list where you need to choose what you want.

Step 4. Access the Categories:

Access the Categories ABC image

The complete opening of the page of ABC news apps then clicks may use this trick that is simply right click on the interface of ABC app and the user can also click on the above or below the News tiles. Now, the user pays attention after that and they will get the various category list like Trending, U.S., Policies, investigative, Health, Money, Entertainment, Business and many more. If the user wants the latest news of about their wanted categories they need to click and wait till they open the page of that chosen category and they will get the updated news of that chosen category by click on the refresh button on that page of the chosen category. The user also gets the latest news just they need to go to the homepage and click on the menu button and the new menu list is appear on the screen and they contain Good Morning America, NIGHTLINE, this week with George Stephanopoulos, and the 2020 list.

Step 5. In the above-mentioned list of a menu, it gives the only latest news and the America peoples are getting the latest news of America just click on the Good MORNING AMERICA button.

ABC News App in Windows 10

Good Morning America: This page contains the fresh news related to the USA.

This WEEK: According to their name this button also contains the news of this week of the chosen by the users.

20 20:  According to their name this button also contains the top 20 news of the World that is most likely read by the news readers.

Step 6. About its refresh button, the news readers navigate to the homepage of the ABC news application and click on the refresh and the page is get reloaded and show the new news.

Step 7. Change the Font Size of the Application for a Particular page or category:

ABC News App in Windows 10

In this button, the user gets to change the font size of the open page. So, the user needs to right click on the Homepage and choose the first option from them which is used to increase or decrease the font size of the application. This feature is useful to the users that are unable to read the small font size texts.

Step 8. Video and Slideshow:

The video or Slideshow feature helps to the new user is that they will watch the news videos that are posted on the news page and if the user is missing the live videos then they will go to the videos section and they start watching the latest news videos. The Slideshow facility provides the feature is that the user is only want to read the headlines they can use the Slideshow button and they slide the news and get the latest news headline and they are interested then they click on them and read the full content of that posted news.

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